Suspect arrested after two blazes 25-year-old said to have set fire to Bonn city council premises

Bonn · A 25-year-old man is suspected of having started at least one of the two fires that led to large-scale operations in Bonn's Stadthaus last Monday and Thursday. The man worked there as a cleaner.

 There have been several fires in the council house.

There have been several fires in the council house.

Foto: dpa/Ralf Klodt

After the two fires last Monday and Thursday in Bonn's „Stadthaus“ (council building), the police investigated and arrested a suspect. According to investigators, the 25-year-old man is suspected of having started the fire last Thursday. Whether he can also be linked to the fire on Monday remains to be determined.

Already on Monday evening, there was growing evidence that the fires in the Stadthaus were deliberately set in rooms below parking level 2. Police spokesman Michael Beyer confirmed on Tuesday that the investigators were assuming arson in both cases.

The man who has now been arrested had been targeted by the police after witness interviews, among other things. In the course of the investigations, the suspicion of a crime against the 25-year-old man, who was employed by a temporary employment agency as a cleaning man in the town house, became more concrete.

A judge issued a pre-trial detention order requested by the Bonn public prosecutor's office, which was, however, suspended in coordination with the public prosecutor's office under strict and protective conditions. Police investigations are continuing.

Original text: Laszlo Scheuch

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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