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By the end of February: 370 trees to be felled in Bonn cemeteries

By the end of February : 370 trees to be felled in Bonn cemeteries

Many trees in Bonn cemeteries have been afflicted by too little water in the summer months and bark beetle. The city will cut down numerous trees from Monday onwards. Some parts of cemeteries will be closed. One cemetery is particularly affected.

The city of Bonn will cut down about 370 trees in cemeteries from next Monday. According to available information, these trees have died due to the water shortages in the past two summers or have been weakened to such an extent that they are in danger of falling over.

According to the report, the cemetery in Poppelsdorf, where about 160 trees are being felled, is particularly affected. Parts of the cemetery will be closed during the work, during which employees will first fell individual trees in the lower area of the cemetery. According to the city, the urn grove at the edge of the forest near the Kreuzberg church will be completely closed for several days. This is where most of the trees will be removed, because the bark beetle has spread to numerous oriental spruces.

After small amounts of tree felling at several other cemeteries, where only a few trees will be removed, two more larger felling operations will follow on Monday at the Heiderhof cemetery, involving 50 trees and at the Northern Cemetery, where 80 trees will be removed.

The felling operations at the Bonn cemeteries are scheduled to be completed by the end of February. The removed trees will be replaced in the autumn. For this purpose, the Urban Greenspace Department will select tree species that are not native to the area, but that can cope better with the changing climatic conditions, the city said in its announcement.

(Original text; ga.de, translation John Chandler)