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Road works in the region: A3 at Siegburg only single-lane traffic at night

Road works in the region : A3 at Siegburg only single-lane traffic at night

The renovation work on the A3 between Siegburg and Lohmar is being prepared. For this reason, only one lane of the carriageway will be open from now. There is a further closure on the B484 near Lohmar.

To withstand the traffic load, the section between Siegburg and Lohmar on the A3 will be renovated by 2020. In order to prepare the actual work, closures are necessary already now, according to Straßen.NRW.

Motorway 3 between Siegburg and Lohmar

From 1 October, construction site traffic management will be set up on the A3 near Siegburg. Therefore, the road between the Bonn/Siegburg motorway junction and the Lohmar junction will be single-lane between 9 pm and 5 am. The closure is to last until the morning of 7 October.

Initially, only the direction of Frankfurt will be affected by the restrictions. After completion, the construction site will also be set up in the opposite direction to Oberhausen.

In order to be able to manage the traffic during the renovation work in a sensible manner, central strip crossings and emergency stop bays will now be built, among other things.

Cycle path next to the B484 in Lohmar

There will be an additional restriction with the beginning of the autumn holidays at the Lohmar junction. From 14 October, the cycle path and footpath parallel to the B484 will be closed in the area of the A3 underpass. There, the bridge structure will be prepared for the forthcoming motorway repair. The closure is planned for 4 November.

(Original text: GA Bonn / Translation: Mareike Graepel)