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Beethoven Anniversary in 2020: ARD films the life of Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven Anniversary in 2020 : ARD films the life of Ludwig van Beethoven

ARD is currently shooting a film about Ludwig van Beethoven with among others, Tobias Moretti in the role of the famous composer. Even though no filming was possible in Bonn itself, the film is to be integrated into the anniversary celebrations.

A feature film intends to portray three facettes of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827); as a musical prodigy, a young rebel and as a deaf and lonely man. “Louis van Beethoven” is to be shown in the Beethoven Year 2020, a PR agency announced on Tuesday. The film is currently being shot in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Czech Republic.

Among other locations, the film will be shot at Arff Castle to the north of Cologne near Dormagen, according to Natascha Liebold, spokeswoman for ARD Degeto. No shooting was possible in Bonn itself, because there were no more original period locations. Nevertheless, connections to Bonn exist not only in terms of the film’s content. “We are closely connected to the Beethoven House,” says Liebold. She also stated that the film was to be shown during the anniversary celebrations, without giving any further details.

For the role of the musical genius, whose 250th birthday is in the coming year, three actors have been hired. The child is played by the young pianist Colin Pütz, the young Ludwig by Anselm Bresgott and Beethoven at the end of his life by Tobias Moretti. Other roles are played by Ulrich Noethen, Ronald Kukulies and Silke Bodenbender. The film script for the co-production between ARD Degeto, WDR and ORF was written and directed by Niki Stein (who made “Until nothing is left”).

(Original text; Alexander Hertel, with material from dpa, translation John Chandler)