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Bonn sets up new test centre: Bad Godesberg nursery to remain initially closed following Corona case

Bonn sets up new test centre : Bad Godesberg nursery to remain initially closed following Corona case

The ‘Rigalsche Wiese’ nursery in Bad Godesberg is remaining closed on Monday because one of the teachers has been infected with coronavirus and the persons with whom she has had contact must first be identified. Meanwhile, the city of Bonn has set up a new test centre.

The number of people being tested for the novel coronavirus Sars CoV 2 continues to increase. The city of Bonn has now expanded its capacities with a further test centre, which is scheduled to open on Monday 24th August.

City spokeswoman Monika Hörig announced on Sunday that the fire services prepared the infrastructure over the weekend and will set up the drive-in test centre in the carpark on Petra-Kelly-Allee on Monday. Contact persons who have been identified during contact investigations will be sent here by the public health department for testing.

Hörig also announced that the municipal nursery Rigalsche Wiese in Bad Godesberg will be completely closed this Monday. A nursery teacher who tested positive for Corona had multiple contact with colleagues and children, 21 of whom have already been sent into quarantine. It remains to be seen whether the nursery can be temporarily reopened from Tuesday, Hörig said. The parents will be informed promptly. (Original text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Caroline Kusch)