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On Oxfordstrasse: “Black Hotel Bonn” celebrates grand opening

On Oxfordstrasse : “Black Hotel Bonn” celebrates grand opening

The newly opened "Black Hotel Bonn" invited guests to its grand opening party last Saturday and around 200 people were on hand to celebrate the new designer hotel. The four-star hotel has been open since mid-September.

There was no dress code, and yet most visitors had chosen to dress elegantly in black, perhaps not least to pay tribute to the ambience: The newly opened "Black Hotel Bonn" invited some 200 guests to the opening party last Saturday, including business partners, investors, and friends and family of the employees. They all came to celebrate the grand opening of the new designer hotel.

The hotel is the second of its kind worldwide, following the opening of the Black Hotel Cologne about two years ago. In Cologne, the Black Hotel team had given a new function to an old factory building. "This was very well received," reports Erdeniz Albayrak, managing director of the Black Hotel chain. After that successful endeavor, it was decided to open one of the modern designer hotels in Bonn.

At the beginning of the year, Black Hotel Bonn took over a building on Oxfordstrasse, where the Hotel Consul used to be, and then completely renovated and rebuilt it. "We invested between 300,000 and 400,000 euros," reports Albayrak. During the renovation of the four-star hotel, the color black was deliberately chosen as the continuous motif. "You can combine a lot with black. When you design in black, other colors stand out much more," says Albayrak. This is already evident in the entrance area: Those entering the hotel lobby will notice the green plants and silver rods standing out in the black room. Even the colorful candy box and the espresso machine at reception pop out in the otherwise completely black room.

The four-star hotel, located between Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz and the Stadthaus, has been open since mid-September. Anyone who believes that it’s mostly fans of the gothic scene who feel comfortable in the hotel is mistaken: "We have a completely mixed clientele - ranging from many younger couples to business people," reports Albayrak. The rooms, which all have marble floors, have been available for a few weeks already. But the renovation is not fully completed yet, only 45 of the 94 rooms can currently be booked. The rooms are spread out over three floors, and those that are still in need of renovation will be worked on while the hotel is open for business.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Flick / Translation: ck)