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Concern over 3,000 jobs: Bonn mayor reaffirms that Postbank will stay in Bonn

Concern over 3,000 jobs : Bonn mayor reaffirms that Postbank will stay in Bonn

The BBB faction of the Bonn City Council questioned Mayor Ashok Sridharan about the fate of 3,000 jobs of Postbank employees in Bonn.

Out of concern for the approximately 3,000 jobs at Postbank in Bonn, the BBB faction in the city council wanted to task Mayor Ashok Sridharan with engaging in talks with the board of Deutsche Bank, which has taken over Postbank. The aim of the directive on Thursday evening was to ensure that Postbank's headquarters would remain located in Bonn and that the existing number of employees would remain in their entirety permanently here in Bonn.

"Spiegel" had previously reported that the planned relocation of Postbank to the "Neuer Kanzlerplatz" district of Bonn, which is currently under construction, and planned for 2021, could be on the verge of collapse. But the mayor had long since spoken to the management board of Deutsche Bank, as he informed the city council. He had been promised that these plans would be adhered to and that Postbank would maintain at its location in Bonn with full staff.

BBB member Johannes Schott explained that this was good news and a success for Bonn as a business location. "The loss of many qualified jobs in the banking sector could hardly have been offset in Bonn.”

Orig. text: Philipp Königs, Lisa Inhoffen

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