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Vaccination situation: Bonn: Mostly second vaccinations only until the end of June

Vaccination situation : Bonn: Mostly second vaccinations only until the end of June

How is the vaccination campaign progressing in Bonn? Why is it currently so difficult to get an appointment for a first vaccination and how can you still get appointments from June 7? An overview of the most important questions.

The seven-day incidence in Bonn currently resembles a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it rises, sometimes it falls again, but always remains in the range of 75 to 90. On Tuesday, the value rose to 86.1. The city justifies the fluctuating values, which do not allow an exact development to be read, with a "diffuse infection occurrence". Meanwhile, it remains unclear what will happen with vaccination after prioritization ends on June 7.

  • How can Bonners book appointments after June 7?

"The state has not yet provided any concrete information on how scheduling will proceed after that. However, it is to be expected that the appointments in the vaccination centers will continue to be booked, but then exclusively via the booking portals of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV)," explains Deputy City Spokesman Marc Hoffmann. The KV North Rhine waits for regulations of the country, as a speaker communicates. From the NRW Ministry of Health (MAGS) it says: "The MAGS is working on a detailed plan on how to proceed from June 7 and will communicate this promptly." The ministry has not yet commented on how it intends to avoid a rush on the registration system and thus overloads.

  • Why is it so difficult to book vaccination appointments?

Significantly fewer vaccination appointments have been offered via the booking portal of the city of Bonn and the portal of the KV in recent days, as vaccine allocations for the vaccination centers have declined. It is currently not possible to book appointments for professional and special groups via the city's booking portal. "Booking appointments at the vaccination center through the KV portal will also remain severely limited, compared to in the spring," Hoffmann said. The KV only releases appointments for which vaccine is actually available from the state of NRW.

Every day, there are about 1200 immunizations at the vaccination center, primarily second vaccinations. "The level will be maintained in the coming weeks and at times also increased because of upcoming second vaccinations," Hoffmann says. The second vaccinations mean less work for immunization centers because of the ease of registration and immunization education. Physicians' offices are provided with slightly more vaccine, but again, it's mostly second vaccinations.

  • How does the Ministry of Health assess the progress of the vaccination campaign?

By July, 60 percent of the population in NRW is expected to have been vaccinated. The ministry expects about 588,000 second vaccinations from May 31 to June 6 (week 22), about 441,000 second vaccinations in week 23 and about 473,000 second vaccinations in week 24. The state receives about 530,000 vaccine doses per week from the federal government. "This means that almost all of the vaccine doses available in the first three weeks of June will be needed for second vaccinations," a ministry spokeswoman explained. For week 25, the MAGS currently assumes about 140,000 first vaccinations in the vaccination centers, and for week 26, about 230,000.

  •  Are there already air purifiers for the Bonn schools?

No. "The expert opinion on the study of the ventilation situation in selected schools is still pending," explains Deputy City Spokesman Hoffmann. However, this would not jeopardize the start of attendance classes for all girls and boys next Monday. The city had announced in mid-April that it would check all schools where cross-ventilation through opposite windows is not possible - or where teachers are not convinced that the ventilation option in the rooms offers sufficient protection. Municipal daycare centers should also be included in this review. The incidence rate among children and adolescents up to 19 years of age has been consistently above 100 in May and rose to 161 on Tuesday.

  • Are there more cases of the Indian mutation in Bonn?

No. On Sunday, the city had confirmed three cases of infection with the B.1.617 virus, which is considered even more contagious than the British variant. Affected are three residents of an apartment building. The city speaks of a total of eight infected people in three different apartments. On Tuesday, two more coronavirus infections were added from people living in an apartment in the building. The mutation proofs are still pending. It remains unclear where the infections originated. The residents of the house are expected to remain voluntarily quarantined.

Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach

Translation: Mareike Graepel