Event for English speakers and learners tonight Table quiz in the „Eiszeit“ kicks off at 7 p.m.

Bonn · Did you miss going out and meeting friends and people since March? Yes? We did too. Here’s a great opportunity to do something absolutely normal – at 7pm tonight, Thursday, July 16th, a typical English table quiz kicks off in the „Eiszeit“ (Akazienweg 2-10, Heiderhof-Centre). If you and/or a couple of friends want to take part, there’s still time to register.

 A barman pulls a beer at a pub.

A barman pulls a beer at a pub.

Foto: AP/Frank Augstein

Since the start of the pandemic and after the first feeling of not knowing how to transfer normal social life to the internet quickly, lots of friends and families have organised table or pub quizzes online. But it is time to get back to normal (while being sensible of course). Jean Lennox, organiser and quizmaster of the table quiz in Bonn says you can still contact her during the day if you want to join in tonight. She can be contacted at 0160-93164867.

Widespread Tradition

„This is perfect for English native speakers and English language learners“, she says. „Come along and test your general knowledge, have fun, meet people and maybe even win a round of drinks.“ Teams of up to six people can take part.

According to Wikipedia, the pub quiz is a widespread British tradition: people usually meet one evening a week in a pub and play quizzes together. In Britain and Ireland, pub quizzes statistically take place in almost every second pub. This tradition has also been taken up in many other countries. In Germany pub quizzes used to be held mainly in Irish and Scottish pubs, but nowadays many German pubs are also picking up on a general trend towards quizzes.

There are no uniform rules for a quiz in a pub, but the different quizzes do have many similarities. The game is mostly played in (table) teams that compete against each other. In the end, the team with the most points, i.e. the most correctly answered questions, wins. At least in Germany, pub quizzes are usually not conducted by the pub owners themselves, but by one or more quizmasters who work out the questions, ask them and evaluate the answers.

A pub quiz goes over several rounds usually, in which quiz questions of different types from different categories are asked, e.g. six open questions on the category "sport". In contrast to many TV quizzes, multiple choice questions are rather rare. Ideally, the quiz questions are designed in a way that they are not too easy on the one hand, but on the other hand can be solved in the group - through discussion.

In recent years, pub quiz leagues have emerged, which combine quizzes in different pubs into a quiz league.

Some pub quizzes cost a small participation fee per person, in the case of the „Eiszeit“ quiz tonight it is 2 Euro entry fee per person.

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