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Delivery and take-out: Bonn restaurants adapt to the crisis with special offers

Delivery and take-out : Bonn restaurants adapt to the crisis with special offers

Eating out at restaurants, bakeries and bars has been banned since Thursday. Here is a look at how some eating establishments are adapting to the crisis with special offers for customers.

The consumption of food and beverages in restaurants, cafés, pubs and bakeries in Bonn has now been completely banned due to the current situation. It was a decision made by regional authorities. However, according to Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan, so-called "out-of-home sales" will remain permitted. This includes both classic delivery and pick-up services, such as those offered by bakeries or fast-food chains. It means people can still go to a restaurant and take their food home, explains Sridharan in a video in which he comments on the current situation.

The new restrictions make life even more difficult for Bonn restaurants, which have already been hit hard by the virus. While some restaurants, such as "Meyer's" in Poppeldorf or "ElDorado" in Duisdorf, have already closed down completely, others are opting to offer take-out food, trying to keep above water in these difficult times. "Metin's" in Bad Godesberg, for example, already announced on Monday via Facebook that for the time being it will only offer a catering service outside its own premises. A number of other restaurants have also completely transitioned to food delivery. A post from the "Casbah" restaurant in Siegburg illustrates how hard it is for some of them: "Even though we're on our last leg financially and don't know how it will end, it's still the best thing for everyone", the restaurant writes on Facebook.

The Japanese restaurant "Okinii" at Bonn's central train station is converting its operations to a delivery service. The fast food giants McDonald's and Burger King continue to offer food at their drive-in counters in addition to their delivery service. However, it is questionable whether the regulation allowing this will remain in place. In Belgium and Luxembourg, such operations have already been closed down completely to protect employees.

GA is compiling a list of restaurants that have adapted their services to meet the needs of the public in the current situation. The list is updated continuously so we have provided here a link to the listing (in German).

  • Restaurants that have adapted their offer due to the crisis can contact online@ga.de by e-mail, providing the information below.
  • Required are: the name of your company, address and contact details, Facebook page or similar if applicable, and information about what you offer and at what times customers can pick up their order.

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