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Buses replace trams on Lines 16 and 63 in Bonn

Construction work in Buschdorf and Tannenbusch : Buses replace trams on Lines 16 and 63 in Bonn

Construction work between Buschdorf and Tannenbusch-Mitte in October will result in some changes in the tram traffic of the Stadtwerke Bonn. You can read here what these changes will look like and where a substitute bus service will be set up.

Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB) is having new switches installed between the "Buschdorf" and "Tannenbusch-Mitte" stops, parts of the overhead contact line renewed and new masts erected - with consequences for commuters.

According to SWB, work will begin on Saturday, October 12 at around 3:30 a.m. and be completed on Sunday, October 27. During this period, Line 16 from Cologne will end at the Hersel stop and return to Cologne. Line 63, coming from Bad Godesberg, will run more frequently and will replace the cancelled journeys of Line 16 between Bad Godesberg and "Tannenbusch Mitte". SWB will set up a substitute bus service between "Hersel" and "Tannenbusch-Mitte".

Extended tram substitute service on weekend October 12 - 13

The construction work on the weekend of October 12 and 13 will also be carried out at the "Tannenbusch-Mitte" stop, meaning the overhead contact line to "Tannenbusch Süd" will have to be switched off on these days.

The substitute tram service will therefore be extended on this weekend. This means that the buses coming from Hersel will go to the stop "Bonn West". Line 63 coming from Bad Godesberg ends at the bus stop and goes back from there.

From Monday, October 14th, Line 63 can then go back to "Tannenbusch Mitte", so that the buses commute between Hersel and "Tannenbusch-Mitte".

The departure times of the buses can be viewed online: https://www.swb-konzern.de/fileadmin/uks/data_import/Pdf-Dateien/Flyer_TannenbuschMitte_2019_web.pdf and according to SWB, passengers can find the exact locations of the replacement bus stops at the bus stops between Bonn West and Hersel.

The transport authority Stadtwerke asks all passengers to plan more travel time for the changeover and the longer journey time of the substitute service. From Monday, October 28, around 3.30 a.m., Lines 16 and 63 will again run regularly.

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