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Accident with an SWB vehicle: Car driver collides with tram in Beuel

Accident with an SWB vehicle : Car driver collides with tram in Beuel

On Wednesday evening, a 23-year-old car driver collided with a tram in Bonn-Beuel during a turning manoeuvre. She was seriously injured and had to be taken to a hospital.

Around 6.10 pm on Wednesday evening, a young car driver collided with a tram on the B56 towards Sankt Augustin. According to the police, the woman wanted to turn left before the stop "Adelheidisstraße", between Friedhofstraße and Platanenweg. According to the police, she didn’t notice the SWB tram which had right of way.

The woman was seriously injured by the impact and was transported by the rescue services with full alarms to a clinic for further medical care as a precautionary measure. The passenger in her car, however, remained unharmed.

The tram was able to continue its journey despite slight damage. On the B56, however, the police and other emergency services continued to investigate and rectify the consequences of the accident, causing disruption to the traffic behind. Traffic returned to normal around 19.30 hours.

(Original text: Dierk Himstedt/Translation: Mareike Graepel)