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Criticism rejected: City festival „Bonn shines" will take place again

Criticism rejected : City festival „Bonn shines" will take place again

The Green and Left Council factions reject "Bonn shines" as harmful to the climate. Nevertheless, the city festival gets a narrow majority and takes place again.

Normally, a council decision on events in Bonn's city centre is a mere formality. At the most recent meeting of the city council, however, it appeared shortly afterwards that the necessary resolution of the elected representatives for the city festival "Bonn lights up" planned for the end of October/beginning of November would not find a majority in favour of Sunday shop opening.

The Left and Greens had criticised the event as harmful to the climate and thus provoked a short debate. "Only a few weeks ago the city council almost unanimously declared a climate emergency. To support now an event which illuminates half of the city centre massively in order to encourage consumption on Sunday - that is quite double-speak", said left-wing faction leader Michael Faber. His faction would like to do without it. "That would be better for the climate and also better for the employees, who would then be able to spend Sunday with their families. Tim Achtermeyer (Greens) also took the same line.

"We are in agreement with the left. We also reject such an event", explained Achtermeyer and reminded, among other things, of the annual Earth Day, which this year has the motto "Save the species - protect diversity" and during which as much light as possible should be switched off for one hour in the evening as a sign for more climate protection in many cities. This obviously convinced members of other political groups ad hoc, but in the end the majority was sufficient to approve the report. In addition to the left and the Greens, some members of the SPD, the BBB, the CDU Council, Alfred Giersberg and Claus Buff (non-party) had also voted against, while the rest of the SPD had abstained.

"We were a little overwhelmed by the contributions of the Left and Greens," said SPD faction leader and councilwoman Fenja Wittneven-Welter. "Originally we wanted to agree. Of course we stand by interesting events in the city of Bonn and also by the Sunday open for business", Wittneven-Welter assured. This does not mean, however, that one cannot also consider how such events can be organised in the most climate-friendly way in the future.

Karina Kröber from the board of the association City-Marketing, which organises the city festival, can't understand the criticism of "Bonn shines" by the left and the Greens. "We only use LED lights and buy green electricity from the municipal utilities." Posters and flyers for advertising would consist of recycled paper. "We strive to make our events as climate-neutral and sustainable as possible," said Kröber. "This is very important to us. City-Marketing is closely monitored by experts.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen / Translation: Mareike Graepel)