Work on the Koblenzer Tor City of Bonn improves diversion after massive traffic jams

Bonn · The situation around Koblenzer Tor has apparently eased again. After massive traffic jams in the city centre, the administration has improved the diversion.

 Cars were jammed on the Adenauerallee. Photo: Benjamin Westhoff

Cars were jammed on the Adenauerallee. Photo: Benjamin Westhoff

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

 While last week there were massive traffic jams in the city centre following the closure of part of the Adenauerallee (B 9) to the north due to construction work on the western archway of the Koblenzer Tor, the situation has apparently eased again: At the beginning of the week, the City of Bonn made some changes to the diversions route, which are obviously having an effect.

 The Adenauerallee between Zweiter Fährgasse and Koblenzer Tor in the northern direction is closed - for residents of the Adenauerallee and Stockenstraße, including parking garages, the access is free. The diversions route leads from Zweiter Fährgasse via the banks of the Rhine to Rheingasse, from where it is possible to continue in the direction of the north and Kennedybrücke. In the opposite direction, motorists will be guided through the archway to the east. For cyclists, the footpath to the eastern archway is open in the direction of the city centre, so they are not affected by the closure.

 Due to apparently unclear signage, many motorists nevertheless took the route via the B9 through Stockenstraße towards the railway station last week, where traffic came to a standstill at times. To make the diversion via Zweite Fährgasse clearer, the city has now reduced Adenauerallee to one lane from there on and put up flashing lights. "As with any construction site on a highly congested main traffic axis in the city, there were some considerable time delays for motorised traffic in the first few days after the diversion was introduced," said the city. However, it has once again been shown that road users got used to the diversions and changed traffic routes after a few days. It is expected that the dilapidated ceiling of a cellar of the university located under the archway will have to be renovated along with the roadway by June.

Original text: Lisa Inhoffen

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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