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Fewer violations according to the city: City of Bonn wants to extend the mask obligation

Fewer violations according to the city : City of Bonn wants to extend the mask obligation

The mask obligation in the city center of Bonn is valid for the time being until June 4. The city wants to extend it - even if violations become less. Many signs are torn.

To smoke, eat or drink bubble tea: In downtown Bonn, passersby take off their masks again and again. This is not allowed for a cigarette, but it is for food and drinks. But most seem to comply with the mask requirement. Especially when they join a queue in front of a store. The city also confirms this when asked: "Violations of the mask requirement are becoming fewer. People are wearing the mouth-nose protection significantly more."

Nevertheless, the city intends to extend the corresponding general order. Currently, it is valid until Friday, June 4. "The mask obligation still appears to be required in places where many people are concentrated," a city spokesman informs.

Scarves and shawls are allowed in the city center as a mask

Martin Exner is also of this opinion. He was director of the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University Clinics in Bonn and sits as an expert on the city's crisis team. For him, the mouth and nose protection is an "absolutely effective protection against a Corona infection," he said now in an interview with the GA. Also for vaccinated persons, so says Exner, because also they can still infect themselves with the virus or infect others, although the virus strength with them might not be so high any more. In addition, masks are also a cost-effective measure compared to other protective measures.

Merchants/shopkeepers are also satisfied with their customers in this respect. It is no longer an issue, says one proprietor. Some just don't want to disinfect their hands when they enter the store. "They then say they've already done that three times today." A passerby confirms the impression. "The Bonners behave perfectly with the mask obligation." The Ordnungsamt is also well represented in the city, she says. What is striking is that just about everyone wears OP or even FFP2 masks. Yet, according to the ordinance, scarves, shawls or homemade everyday masks would also be allowed on the streets.

The checks are carried out as part of the daily patrol. "Due to the general or a special operational situation," however, there may be restrictions, according to the city. "Thus, the city order service can not comprehensively control and be present at every place at all times.“

Many posters are torn

However, some observe otherwise: on the way from Friedensplatz to Münsterplatz, a GA editor last Thursday evening "encountered 29 people without masks within ten minutes, although few people were on the road.“

Actually, according to the city, several hundred posters should draw attention to the mask obligation. However, not many of them are left in the pedestrian zone. Some are completely or partially torn off, it can only be guessed what they should have shown. According to the city, however, the posters are checked and replaced once or twice a week. Torn or broken signs would be replaced. Apparently, the opponents of the 'wear mask' signs are faster.

(Original text: Fabian Schäfer and Lisa Inhoffen; Translation: Mareike Graepel)