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Retreating from the limelight: Comedian Luke Mockridge cancels appearances for this year

Retreating from the limelight : Comedian Luke Mockridge cancels appearances for this year

Comedian Luke Mockridge from Bonn has canceled all his appearances for this year. He wants to take time to collect himself privately and in silence. The reason are accusations of his ex-girlfriend, as he explains in an Instagram video.

There will be no more shows with Luke Mockridge this year. The comedian, who grew up in Bonn-Endenich, announced this in an Instagram video - and explains why. "Everyone who has seen me on stage hopefully knows that the profession means everything to me. I love being on stage, and I get a kick out of giving you guys a treat," says comedian Luke Mockridge. He had a lot planned for this year, but it will not come to that.

The 32-year-old now wants to take time to collect himself privately and quietly, "to then eventually stand on stage as you know it from me". he said in an Instagram video. 

The reason for this withdrawal is the accusation of his ex-girlfriend of an attempted rape. Last year, she filed a complaint. According to Mockridge, there was nothing to the accusation. The public prosecutor's office has also examined the complaint and has come to the conclusion that there is no suspicion of a crime. According to Luke Mockridge, the proceedings have been discontinued. 

"Confronted with things that never happened"

Nevertheless, a great wave of hatred reached the comedian on social media channels. In the social networks, according to Mockridge, you can read "the most terrible things" about him. "I'm being confronted with things that never happened, and I'm being accused of things that I simply didn't do."

Social media users are calling for consequences. "But there can be no consequences for something I didn't do. But I want to draw consequences from the situation and understand how I ended up here," Mockridge justifies his temporary break from the show world. 

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