Straßen.NRW work in Bad Godesberg Confusion about the closure of Marienforster Straße

Bad Godesberg · Since Monday, Straßen.NRW has been repairing a section of Marienforster Straße. The work is scheduled to last until Saturday, 3 April.

 Potholes have been part of the picture on Marienforster Straße up to now.

Potholes have been part of the picture on Marienforster Straße up to now.

Foto: Petra Reuter

For this purpose, the road has been fully closed in this area and appropriate, wide-ranging diversions have been signposted. On Monday, there was confusion as to whether the street "Am Stadtwald" in Schweinheim was an official diversions route - many motorists used it. "No, only residents are allowed to drive there," said Torsten Gaber from Straßen.NRW. All other drivers have to take the Wachtbergring, Berkum, Niederbachem and Mehlem from Wachtberg-Pech. At the Wachtbergring/Oelmühle junction, there is already a barrier beacon with the sign "residents only", says Gaber. Accordingly, only people from Pech and Schweinheim are currently allowed to drive on the L158.

The spokesman was surprised that the buses of line 855 do not use the diversions via Schweinheim. "We have set up no-stopping signs so that the buses can get through," said Gaber. Andrea Jahn from Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH provides the explanation: "The road is not wide enough for our buses". The buses follow their normal route from Meckenheim train station to Pech Huppenberg and then without stopping to Berkum EKZ. There, customers can then change to buses of line 856 and 857, which takes them to Bad Godesberg.

(Orig.text: Maximilian Mühlens / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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