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Testing for those returning to Germany: Corona test center opens at Cologne Central Station

Testing for those returning to Germany : Corona test center opens at Cologne Central Station

The City of Cologne opened a coronavirus testing center at the Cologne Central Train Station on Wednesday. Whether travelers are returning from high or low-risk areas, they can receive a test free of charge.

Travel returnees can be tested for the coronavirus free of charge at Cologne Central Station. The test center at Breslauer Platz in the vicinity of the bus station has been open daily since Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. All travelers returning to Germany have the opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 free of charge within 72 hours of their arrival.

A statement from the City of Cologne said it did not matter what mode of transportation the travelers used to return to Germany or whether they were returning from a high or low-risk area. Currently, there are two registration and two testing stations on site. If many travelers decide to take advantage of the testing, capacity could be expanded, according to the information released.

Testing is also available free of charge at the Infection Protection Center (Infektionsschutzzentrum) of the Health Department (Gesundheitsamt) and the Infection Protection Center at the University Hospital. The testing must be done within 72 hours of arrival back in Germany.

Since July 18, testing has also been available at Cologne/Bonn Airport for travelers returning to Germany. On Monday, however, the federal and state health ministers decided to end these testing opportunities. According to dpa information on Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Minister Presidents of the federal states agreed that the free corona tests for those entering the country from non-risk areas will be stopped on September 15 at the end of the summer holiday season.

Orig. text: Anja Wollschlaeger, dpa

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