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On the banks of the Rhine in Bonn: Couple discovers Snoopos money tin

On the banks of the Rhine in Bonn : Couple discovers Snoopos money tin

Hermann and Marianne Schöneberg found 20 Euro on Sunday during their bicycle tour on the banks of the Rhine in Bonn. It was a Snoopos box filled with money.

When Hermann and Marianne Schöneberg came home from their bicycle tour on Sunday, they were 20 Euro richer. As always, they had started their Sunday tour by bike, as always, they had taken a break a little below the Kennedy Bridge. But then nothing was as usual: On the bench they were sitting on, they discovered a small metal box with the white logo of a globe on it. "At first I thought someone had left his mobile phone there," says Hermann Schöneberg. "Then we thought about what to do with it."

Not clear who is behind the money gifts

At the end the two opened the box, also in an attempt to find out something about its owner. "And when I looked, there were 20 Euro in it", says Hermann Schöneberg. But not only that, but also a note that says: "Today luck strikes. You are lucky to have stumbled over this box. You can keep the box and its treasure" – and a reference to a Facebook and Instagram page.

These pages belong to the Snoopos organization. Who exactly hides behind the name is not clear. On the pages you can see pictures of similar cans in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Tower Bridge and the Brandenburg Gate – and pictures from many other cities all over the world. There are also hints where the little surprises are hidden. Boxes also appeared in Cologne in August. There someone had placed the tin on a table in a restaurant at the cathedral. Now they have also appeared in Bonn. And the Schönebergs are not the only ones to have found one. One user writes on Facebook: "I found a box near Sankt Petrus Hospital".

Donation to GA charity "Christmas light“

When the Schönebergs had read the text, they realized: "Oh, we won," says Hermann Schönefeld. "I laughed my ass off." But the 73-year-old and his wife decided not to immediately spend the money again. Not even for an ice cream on their bike tour. "We are pensioners," says Hermann Schönefeld. "We get by very well." Instead, the two have decided to help those who need the money more. They want to donate the 20 Euro to the GA charity "Christmas light".

(Original text: Dennis Scherer; Translation: Mareike Graepel)