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Bonn and region: Customs searches companies in the security industry

Bonn and region : Customs searches companies in the security industry

In the greater Bonn area, task forces of the customs have searched companies in the security industry. It is about the suspicion of false self-employment and illicit work. In three cases, special forces were even deployed.

With around 200 officers, the customs authorities searched companies in the security industry in Bonn and the region on behalf of the public prosecutor's office. It concerns the suspicion of the employment of falsely self-employed persons, the main customs office in Cologne communicated on Tuesday. Officers were on the road in the early morning hours in Bonn, Bad Honnef, Meckenheim, Wachtberg, Solingen, Bad Münstereifel, Rheinbach and Cologne.The focus of the investigation was in Bonn and the surrounding area, according to customs.

Special customs forces in Bad Honnef and Wachtberg

The measures were completed on Tuesday afternoon according to information of the Bonn public prosecutor's office. About twenty objectives in North Rhine-Westphalia were searched. Because of "special danger indications" special forces of the customs came in three cases to the employment. What the danger situation on site looked like exactly, the customs office did not communicate for investigation tactical reasons. According to GA information, the special forces in Bad Honnef and Wachtberg were called in.

Ten accused in the Security business are being investigated who are said to have generated black money by the self-created, so-called "service companies". With it they would have paid in turn bogus self-employed persons. "In the process, fictitious invoices for services not rendered are said to have been issued and paid in order to cover black wages and also to withdraw black money for illegal private or business purposes," the customs statement said. Contributions for social security were thus not paid or withheld. During the searches on Tuesday, task forces secured extensive evidence, which is now being evaluated. The investigations continued.

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