Roof repairs required after renovation Deutsche Bahn has railway station roof sealed

Bonn · In autumn, the roof of the main train station in Bonn, which has been restored according to regulations for preserving listed buildings, is to be sealed. Deutsche Bahn rules out restrictions for passengers during the construction work.

 The new roof was not able to withstand the rain in some places. Now the works are being revisited.

The new roof was not able to withstand the rain in some places. Now the works are being revisited.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

The new roof on the hall of the main station in Bonn is being reworked. A DB spokesman from Düsseldorf told the GA that the company carrying out the construction work is expected to deal with the leaky spots in the roof in August. Following the lengthy renovation of the old hall roof in accordance with the regulations for preserving historical buildings, it became apparent that during heavy rainfall the water poured through in some places and many passengers felt more comfortable using an umbrella even underneath the roof.

The railway spokesman explained that, according to an expert assessment, setting up the large assembly platform again for the work would not be necessary, and that blocked-off areas or restrictions for passengers were to be expected. “All defects should be remedied in the autumn,” DB said.

The construction work started in 2017 and took longer than expected. The projected cost was initially 13 million Euro. One reason for the increase in costs to 35.4 million Euro was attributed to “surprises” in the dilapidated building structure that first came to light during the renovation. Another was the fact that the package of services became more extensive, for example due to the installation of escalators that were not initially planned. The bill is being shared equally between the federal and state governments, the NVR local transport association and Deutsche Bahn.

(Original text: Philipp Königs, Translation: Caroline Kusch)

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