Line 66 drove driverless through Bonn Driver is said to have concealed his epilepsy from the tram company

Bonn · The driver who fainted during a journey on line 66 at the end of December will no longer be used. He is said to have concealed that he suffers from epilepsy from the Bonn public utilities company.

 The train was stopped at the Adelheidisstraße stop. Photo: Alf Kaufmann

The train was stopped at the Adelheidisstraße stop. Photo: Alf Kaufmann

Foto: Alf Kaufmann

After the runaway train of line 66 at the end of December, the Bonn public utilities company (SWB) has removed the driver who became unconscious on the train from service. “He will no longer be used by us,” said SWB spokeswoman Veronika John.

He lacked “the personal prerequisites in future” to work as a driver. Details could not be given due to the protection of privacy. According to GA information, the 47-year-old had only been on duty since autumn and had not told the SWB that he suffers from epilepsy.

According to the SWB, he had at the time of recruitment in their view all the necessary qualifications to drive trams. The current decision not to let him drive any more is related to the runaway tram incident.

As reported, after the driver’s medical emergency, the tram had passed eight stops without a driver before passengers broke open the door to the driver’s cabin and stopped the tram at the Adelheidisstraße stop. The police have now completed their investigations and have handed over the results of their findings to the public prosecutor's office.

(Original text; Nicolas Ottersbach, translation John Chandler)

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