Euros 2024 Hundreds of Scottish fans celebrate in Bonn city centre

Bonn · On Wednesday - thus today! - Scotland play Switzerland at the European Football Championship in Cologne. In the days leading up to the match, many Scottish fans travelled to Bonn. Many celebrated in the city centre.

 Scottish fans celebrated a spontaneous party in Bonn city centre on Monday.

Scottish fans celebrated a spontaneous party in Bonn city centre on Monday.

Foto: Constantin Graf

"The atmosphere was great. We had a great evening," reports Dieter Schneider, employee of the brewhouse on Friedensplatz in Bonn. The main reason for the memorable evening was the large number of Scottish football fans who marched through Bonn city centre on Monday evening.

Many fans are already in the country and also in the region because of the opening game, which the Scots lost 5-1 to the German national team on Friday. Because on Wednesday, the Scottish national team will play against Switzerland at the European Championship in Cologne. Despite the sobering opening defeat, the fans celebrated exuberantly - even in Bonn. "The Scots mainly drink a lot of beer, but also like vodka lemon," explains an employee of the Bönnsch brewery. Football fans also celebrated the European Championships with a few cold drinks at Bönnsch.

On Monday evening, the Scots had declared the Bistro Pendel their own party stronghold. Around 9 p.m., more than 30 fans were guests there and celebrated loudly. However, when asked by the GA on Tuesday, the Pendel refused to comment.

"The guests were totally friendly, albeit very loud. There were no negative incidents," says Dieter Schneider from the brewhouse. The police also confirmed on Tuesday in response to a GA enquiry that the celebrations were completely peaceful. "Many Scots even sang songs and celebrated together with Germans," said a Bönnsch employee.

The James Joyce Irish Pub in Bonn city centre has been welcoming numerous Scottish fans for days. As one employee explains, many fans have been regular guests since last week. Some of them travelled from Bonn to Munich for the opening game on Friday evening. After travelling back, the fans are now getting in the mood for their team's second game in Cologne. On Monday evening, a member of staff at the pub estimated that there were probably several hundred fans in attendance. Guinness on tap was very popular with the fans. Kölsch and pilsner were also drunk.

Original text: Constantin Graf/Translation: Mareike Graepel

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