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Climate change on your doorstep: Exhibition in the House of Nature on the Waldau

Climate change on your doorstep : Exhibition in the House of Nature on the Waldau

Ursula Jünger and Horst Bennemann want to draw attention to climate change with texts and photos. For their exhibition at the Haus der Natur on the Waldau, they have spoken primarily with local actors such as Extinction Rebellion.

Climate change is happening now and here, on our doorstep. This thought was the impetus for the photographer duo Ursula Jünger and Horst Bennemann to realise their joint project "Bonn, the climate and us - actors against climate change in portrait". On ten display boards in the Haus der Natur, they present Bonn's actors against climate change with pictures and texts and at the same time make suggestions on how one can participate oneself in the fight against climate change.

The palette ranges from the well-known Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future to urban gardening in the Ermekeilkaserne. "You can't just leave saving the environment to the politicians in Berlin," the pair explain. "Everyone can do something." That's why it was also important to them to limit themselves to local organisations and offerings. That way, they want to remain clear and motivate visitors to become active themselves.

As many people as possible should be addressed

In addition, the two wanted to represent as broad a spectrum as possible through the concept, because as many people as possible should also be addressed in this way. At the beginning, however, there was the idea of doing a project in the area of the environment, in which they bring text and photo together. "We then started work in the first lockdown," Bennemann reports from the early days. "The first thing we had to do was get an overview.“

The two weren't even aware of some organisations and opportunities at first, such as the cemetery gardener who offered unused open space on the Gottesacker for ecological projects. The two also spent a lot of time in nature to get an impression of the consequences of climate change here as well. In the process, they learned a lot about plants and nature.

The next project is already within reach

Finally, there was also the matter of expanding their knowledge of nature photography. "There were some groups that would have preferred to go in the more artistic direction photographically," Jünger reports from the creative process. "But I come more from a reportage photography background. It was clear to us from the start that we wanted to stay in that field as well." The result of their work can be seen Wednesdays through Sundays at the Haus der Natur, An der Waldau 48, until October 10.

In the meantime, Ursula Jünger and Horst Bennemann are thinking about their next project. Although many questions are still unanswered, they're letting their guard down a little: "It could be that we'll do something on the subject of diversity next."

(Original text: Benjamin Westhoff; Translation: Mareike Graepel)