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Weather forecast: Extreme heat expected in Bonn and the region

Weather forecast : Extreme heat expected in Bonn and the region

In Bonn and the region it remains warm. Very warm. For Thursday, there is an official heat warning. It could be up to 35 degrees. Also in the next days it should become only slightly cooler.

Summer has come to stay: In the next few days, the thermometer in Bonn and the region should climb even higher. For Thursday there is an official warning of heat. Already in the morning hours it could become up to 31 degrees with beaming sunshine. At noon maximum values of even 35 degrees are expected. Only in the evening will it cool down slightly.

On Friday, it will again be extremely warm with temperatures of up to 32 degrees. At noon, there could be rain showers. Nevertheless, people in Bonn and the surrounding area can look forward to up to six hours of sunshine on this day. Also in the evening hours it will remain sunny at 30 degrees.

Saturday will be a little cooler. With highs of 25 degrees as well as light cloud cover, it will nevertheless remain pleasant. On Sunday, the thermometer will rise again up to 35 degrees. At noon, there may be wind gusts of up to 46 kilometers per hour, and according to the current forecast, it will also rain again.