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Nutritious lunch date in Ramersdorf: Federal Minister Gerd Müller cooks in Bonn with Chefkoch

Nutritious lunch date in Ramersdorf : Federal Minister Gerd Müller cooks in Bonn with Chefkoch

The Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development was a guest at the lunchdate of the Chefkoch company in Ramersdorf on Tuesday. He had some tips for the right diet ready.

Gerd Müller has a few kitchen tips ready: The Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development was a guest at the lunch date of the Chefkoch company in Ramersdorf on Tuesday. Together with managing director Martin Meister and the presenter of the video show, Bella Vreden, he cooked a vegetarian pumpkin-potato goulash, prepared a banana-quark-cream dessert, which was complemented with a homemade chocolate sauce. "The right diet is crucial for health, happiness and a long life," said Müller.

There is also fair trade kitchen wear

When the ingredients for the dish and dessert were spread out, Müller asked where the bananas came from and whether they had been traded fairly. "89 Cent for a kilo of bananas, that can't be fair," he said. Vreden wanted to know whether he would cook himself. "No, unfortunately not. In former times, as a small boy with my mother, it was a lot of fun for me though."

At the Green Week last year, Martin Meister had met the minister. "I was very impressed by his commitment to issues such as sustainability and fair trade," said Meister. Since then, he has endeavoured to invite the Minister to a lunch date. Once a month the „Chefkoch live“ gets broadcast on Facebook and Instagram. Müller wants to convey the message that "food should not be thrown away, but used.“ He said that a sustainable diet in Germany was not expensive. "Nowhere in Europe is food cheaper than in Germany". His recommendation: to eat seasonally. "Nobody needs strawberries all year round," is his opinion.

Another message from him was to do without a lot of sugar. "My wife always takes 50 percent of what it says in the recipe, and it simply tastes better." Less sugar, less salt, less fat, Müller recommends: "Not measles or AIDS, but diabetes is the biggest health problem.“ In order to promote sustainable nutrition in Germany, the Minister recommends that cooking should not be neglected, that every school should have a school garden and a school kitchen, and that the subject of "cooking" should be reintroduced. "I always tell my sons to learn to cook, because there are hardly any young women left who can do it.“

Minister Müller had some advice ready: "A clean, fairtrade kitchen also needs fairtrade clothes", he said and presented the campaign "Green button" for fair-trade clothes. He also appealed for a switch from fast food to slow food and a ban on mobile phones at the table. For him, food is communicative and a cultural asset - and that’s how he’d like it to be in Germany.


The company "Chefkoch" was founded in 1998 in Sinzig. It has been located in the Bonner Bogen in Ramersdorf for several years. In the meantime, "Chefkoch" with its recipe database has developed into Europe's largest online cooking community, according to its own statement. Since 2007, the Hamburg publishing house Gruner + Jahr has successively taken over the shares. Managing directors are Martin Meister and Arne Wolter. More than 100 employees work in the company, which has 4.3 million registered users and more than 330,000 recipes. The most frequently called item on www.chefkoch.de is the pancake.

The recipes, which the Minister cooked, can be found on chefkoch.de: Vegetarian pumpkin potato goulash, banana quark cream dessert and chocolate sauce (in German: Vegetarisches Kürbis-Kartoffel-Gulasch, Bananen-Quark-Sahne-Creme, Schokoladensauce).

Original text: Rainer Schmidt

Translation: Mareike Graepel