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Mobile vaccination teams visit nursing homes: First corona vaccinations in Rhine-Sieg District

Mobile vaccination teams visit nursing homes : First corona vaccinations in Rhine-Sieg District

120 doses of the corona vaccination were administered on Sunday at a nursing home in Troisdorf. According to the doctor at the home, the residents reacted well to the jabs.

Corona vaccinations started to be given in the Rhine-Sieg district on Sunday morning. The first 120 vaccine doses were reserved for a Troisdorf nursing home, where there are a particularly large number of residents suffering from dementia. One of the first residents to be vaccinated was Marie-Luise Schnettker. She was cheerfully waiting for the injection. The home’s doctor Thomas Reckers gave her the shot and then asked, "And how was it?" Schnettker replied in Cologne dialect: “Et hätt mer nit wieh jedonn!” (it didn’t hurt!).

The collective vaccinations took a total of four hours. Temperatures were taken beforehand because anyone ill is not allowed to be vaccinated. About two-thirds of the vaccine was administered to the residents, and one third was given to the nursing staff. According to the home's doctor, Reckers, the vaccination procedure went smoothly. He said that the management of the home had prepared the whole thing very well from an organisational point of view. Reckers reported that the vaccinated residents tolerated the vaccine without complications. Only one woman did not want to be vaccinated. "We do not force you, the vaccination is voluntary," said Reckers.

Only 120 vaccine doses supplied

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia had promised the Rhine-Sieg district 180 vaccine doses for Sunday and Monday, but initially only 120 were delivered. The remaining residents in the Troisdorf home are to be vaccinated in one and a half weeks. The vaccination booster will be given in three weeks, as everyone has to receive two vaccine doses. "We assume that people will be protected seven days after the second vaccination," said Jacqueline Hiepler, chairperson of the board of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in the Rhine-Sieg district, at the appointment on Sunday.

Head of the Rhine-Sieg District Authority Sebastian Schuster paid a visit to the vaccination team and thanked them for their efforts. He said he hoped that the high-profile launch of the vaccination campaign would convince people in his large district to take part. The mobile vaccination teams of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians are currently visiting retirement and nursing homes in the district.

Vaccination of normal population from March or April

The Rhine-Sieg district will initially receive 2150 vaccination doses every two days from Tuesday. The first vaccinations in the district vaccination centre in Sankt Augustin will not take place until mid to late January. Then it will be the turn of firefighters, paramedics and police officers. The first citizens are to receive the vaccination there in March or April.

(Original text: Jörg Manhold, Translation: Caroline Kusch)