Police looking for witnesses Four injured in a fight at the Hofgarten

Bonn · A group of about 15 people injured four young adults with kicks and punches at the Hofgarten in Bonn. Police are looking for witnesses to the crime, which happened outside the view of surveillance cameras.

 Four young men were injured in an altercation at the Hofgarten.

Four young men were injured in an altercation at the Hofgarten.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Four men were slightly injured in an altercation in the Hofgarten in Bonn on Friday evening. As the police announced on Monday, four adolescents were attacked and slightly injured by about 15 young men with punches and kicks at around 10.40 pm. Officers are now looking for witnesses to the crime.

The four men, three of whom are 19 and one 20 years old, were walking along the street "Am Hofgarten" in the direction of Kaiserplatz when they were asked for cigarettes by a group. When one of the 19-year-olds held out a packet of cigarettes to the man who had asked him, the latter allegedly tried to take the packet. A scuffle developed between the two groups, as a result of which the four men were slightly injured. The police launched a manhunt but were unable to find the suspects. The crime is said to have taken place outside the field of view of the camera towers. Investigators are now looking into whether the suspects may have been recorded before or after the crime.

Apart from the questioner, who is described as being about 1.85 metres tall and wearing a grey cap, the injured parties were only able to describe one other person from the group. She is also said to be about 1.85 metres tall and had curly hair tied into a plait and was wearing a light blue track jacket. The police are looking for people who were in the Hofgarten on Friday evening and are asking for information by calling 0228/15-0 or sending an email to KK14.Bonn@polizei.nrw.de.

(Original text: (ga); Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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