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Around 500 participants expected: Fridays for Future demonstration in Bonn on Friday

Around 500 participants expected : Fridays for Future demonstration in Bonn on Friday

This Friday, another Fridays for Future demonstration will take place in Bonn. About 500 participants are expected.

The organisers of "Fridays for Future Bonn" are calling for a demonstration on Friday, 5 November. The background is the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, according to the police.

The gathering will start at 12 noon on Münsterplatz and then move through the city along the following route: Remigiusstraße, Remigiusplatz, Bischofsplatz, Am Hof, Rathausgasse, Rheingasse, Brassertufer, Rathenauufer, Zweite Fährgasse, B9, Heusallee, Platz der Vereinten Nationen.

The demonstration will end at around 3pm. There may be traffic obstructions along the route for the duration of the demonstration.

(Original text: ga; Translation: Mareike Graepel)