Bankruptcy filing Future of the Stadthalle in Bad Godesberg is uncertain

Bad Godesberg · The operator of the Stadthalle in Bad Godesberg has filed for bankruptcy. 56 employees are affected. The acting insolvency administrator says the corona pandemic is partly to blame - but there is another significant reason as well.

 The operator of the Stadthalle has filed for bankruptcy.

The operator of the Stadthalle has filed for bankruptcy.

Foto: Axel Vogel

What will happen with the Stadthalle (municipal hall) after leaseholder Thomas Weiermann has filed for insolvency, remains unknown. In the past few days, attorney Nada Nasser has been able to form an impression of the economic situation and future prospects for the facility. He has been appointed as the acting insolvency administrator. ”The City of Bonn as the owner, with whom I am in close consultation, must now decide how to proceed with the Stadthalle," said Nasser.

The city’s wish to keep it as a place for conferences, fairs, cultural events and clubs has already been expressed. And there are also some who support the continuation of the restaurant, says the lawyer. 56 employees are affected by the bankruptcy. Their wages are secured by the insolvency money for a period of three months.

"The liquidity available to the lessee is not nearly sufficient to survive the period of closure," said Nasser. Even state-subsidized loans would not change this. Nearly all existing bookings for the first and second half of the year have been cancelled, "so that in fact no positive prognosis for the continuation of the business can be given due to the lack of revenue". According to Nasser, the economic constraints posed by containing the corona pandemic were the final decisive factor. But the situation had already been worrying before that. "One of the reasons for this was the fact that the Bad Godesberg Stadthalle is in a condition that requires extensive renovation.”

A vote on the future use of the facility is scheduled to take place in the main committee meeting on April 23. There will not be an emergency decision, as initially proposed by the city administration. The reason for this is that with the blessing of the city, the Tourismus und Congress GmbH has presented three options for the future use of the Stadthalle. The administration prefers the second, which among other things envisages using the water pavilion as a restaurant. Had the CDU and FDP been able to come to an agreement after considering this proposal, the SPD, Greens, Left Party and Bürger Bund Bonn did not want to give Bonn a green light.

(Orig. text: Ayla Jacob / Translation: ck)

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