Closed in 2020 The Weinhaus Muffendorf has undergone a major renovation

Bad Godesberg · It has been three years since the popular Weinhaus Muffendorf restaurant closed its door after 26 years of business. Now the owner has completely renovated the historic restaurant. What will happen next?

 The historic inner courtyard of the Weinhaus Muffendorf.

The historic inner courtyard of the Weinhaus Muffendorf.

Foto: Axel Vogel

The Weinhaus Muffendorf was a place where people came together - Muffendorf residents and outsiders alike. People from Bad Godesberg and Bonn, actors and politicians. Even some high-ranking German politicians, including Norbert Blüm and Hans-Dietrich Genscher, were frequent guests in the historic half-timbered house on Hauptstrasse 37 in Muffendorf. So it came as a shock to many people in Bad Godesberg when the former proprietor, Wolfgang Schäfer, closed the Weinhaus on February 1, 2021 after 26 years for retirement reasons. Since then, many people have been wondering what will happen to the Weinhaus. A question to which there is now an answer.

The property belongs to the Völzgen family, who have been closely associated with Muffendorf for decades. The father, Carl Maria Völzgen, bought the former farm at the end of the 1970s - and converted it into a wine restaurant. His greatest wish was that the “Weinhaus” would remain just that, says son Thomas. "So that was our big goal." When the business was closed down, there were discussions within the family about what to do. The building was in urgent need of renovation. One consideration was whether it would be better to put it on the real estate market. In the end, however, "we decided to leave it as it was. Everyone is happy with that decision.”

Major renovation was needed

What followed was a gut renovation, which began in the summer of 2021. Everything had to go. The floor because the underfloor heating no longer worked. The electric wiring, because the whole building had only been running on household electricity - and that wasn't enough for the new kitchen. Induction, a larger refrigeration unit and a new convection oven required more energy. The solution: a new power line was extended from the wine press house. But this proved to be a time-consuming task due to the necessary permits and the contractors' workload.

There is also a new ventilation system because "in the past, your clothes always smelled of food when you were here.” The renovation includes a glass door between the kitchen and dining room, new furniture, an electric fireplace that looks deceptively real and a modern lighting design. The painter was busy in the half-timbered house for almost a year, and there was also plenty of woodwork to be done. "We had to replace timber frames because they were rotting through," explains Völzgen, whose brother is responsible for everything that has anything to do with wood in the "new building in the old building”.

The family invested between 350,000 and 400,000 euros, estimates Völzgen. The kitchen alone cost 150,000 euros, while the new electricity connection cost around 80,000 euros. "We already know that the investment will never pay off," he says. But that's not the point. After all, they are not only doing something for themselves, but also for the town, for the preservation of Muffendorf's historic village center. "Our biggest concern is not the investment, but finding someone who will enjoy running the Weinhaus.”

Restaurant, wine bar and inner courtyard

They do not know yet who this will be. What is clear, however, is that the new proprietor will take over a fully equipped building with a restaurant, wine bar and courtyard. There is also an apartment above the restaurant, which has been completely renovated. Völzgen could imagine it to be like it once was - “Weinhaus" style with upscale, home-style cooking. Or even a wine shop in the potential bar, complete with shelves, where the fine wines served in the restaurant can be purchased.

The Völzgen family also sees a possible alternative: founding an operating company that would then take over the Weinhaus. They have an emotional attachment to the Weinhaus, where they used to eat with their parents every Sunday. The caveat is that "you need a chef and good service". But perhaps "that is still the way forward”.

But no matter which direction they take: A pre-opening is expected to take place after the school summer holidays, allowing those interested to get an idea of what it looks like after the major overhaul.

Orig. text: Ayla Jacob/Translation: ck

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