Check out these creatures at Whitsun If you’re feeling brave, you can pet the world's largest tarantulas at the Brückenforum

Beuel · Europe's biggest travelling terrarium exhibition is coming to Bonn over the Whitsun holidays. The Brückenforum will be turned into a petting zoo filled with tarantulas. The organisers want to help visitors overcome their fears.

 Don't be afraid of the giant spiders! The Brückenforum is becoming a petting zoo.

Don't be afraid of the giant spiders! The Brückenforum is becoming a petting zoo.

Foto: Spinnen- und Insektenausstellung

Europe's biggest traveling terrarium exhibition is stopping by the Brückenforum in Beuel over Whitsun. You can see "the world's largest tarantulas" on Sunday and Monday, 19 and 20 May, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Renaldo Neigert, the exhibition's director, will be there to help visitors overcome their arachnophobia. There’s an educational petting zoo with live spiders and insects, so you can get up close and personal. The main attraction is the world's largest living tarantula, the impressive Theraphosa blond

Meet earth’s oldest inhabitants

"Our exhibition gives a fascinating look into the lives of these amazing spiders and insects," says Neigert. "Scientists still don’t know exactly how many spider species there are. But we do know that the first spiders showed up on Earth 300 million years ago."

Fear of spiders is as old as humanity. Neigert wants to take visitors on a journey into the fascinating world of our planet’s "original inhabitants". "We want to spark interest and share basic knowledge to help take away people's fear and disgust of these amazing creatures."

Mantises and ghost locusts

The exhibition features live animals from all over the world in what Neigert describes as an "instructive and educational" way. Visitors are given an insight into the life and behaviour of spiders, scorpions, giant centipedes, praying mantises, so-called walking leaves and ghost locusts in XXL format.

Exotic spiders and insects from all over the world are presented in specially designed habitats covering several hundred square metres. Terrariums with appropriate soundscape are designed to create a special atmosphere to help people, especially anyone with a phobia, to get close to the unfamiliar insects and arachnids without feeling scared. Detailed descriptions of each animal's habitat, habits and prey, as well as a film documentary about tarantulas, complete the exhibition and make it a short educational journey into the world of arthropods.

Admission is eight euros for children aged four and over and ten euros for adults. Children under the age of four are admitted free of charge. More information is available at and on Facebook at

Original text: Sascha Stiene/Translation: Jean Lennox