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Bonn construction site: Giant metal girder hanging over Viktoria bridge

Bonn construction site : Giant metal girder hanging over Viktoria bridge

A huge 500 tonne crane was erected on the Victoria bridge on Friday. It went into action during the night on Sunday.

The Viktoria bridge is probably one of the most annoying construction sites in Bonn at the moment. And the most spectacular. Since Friday, an imposing crane has been drawing attention to the bridge from afar, showing that more complex work is on the agenda once more. Following welding work on Sunday night, a huge metal girder was suspended over the road.

According to the city of Bonn, longitudinal girders have to be lifted around the railway track area and in Thomastraße. For safety reasons, the bridge is therefore closed to car traffic from midnight to 6 am from this Sunday up to and including Friday.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to continue using the bridge during the closure, with the exception of brief interruptions. The longitudinal girders will be lifted by the 500-tonne caterpillar crane.

The Civil Engineering Office is blocking the thoroughfare under the bridge along Thomasstraße from 12 noon on Thursday 6th August until 10 am on Friday 7th August. The demolition works and construction of the new bridge began in 2016, with completion planned for the end of 2021/beginning of 2022. The costs currently amount to around 45 million Euros.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Caroline Kusch)