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YouGov survey: Here are the first names Germans don’t like

YouGov survey : Here are the first names Germans don’t like

A survey revealed that most Germans are happy with their first names. But there are indeed some names that are not very popular.

Justin or Chantal, but also Greta: According to a survey, these are rather unpopular names in Germany. Adolf, Kevin and Mandy are also not particularly well-liked, as a YouGov survey revealed.

For 81 percent it is somewhat or very unlikely that they would name their child Chantal. 80 percent would probably or definitely not choose to name their child Kevin. 77 percent would not choose the name Mandy and 75 percent would not opt for the name Justin.

The fact that 79 percent surveyed were not fans of the name Alexa may have something to do with the digital voice assistant of the same name. And perhaps the 75 percent who would not name their child Greta have the climate activist in mind.

89 percent of respondents said they would be very or somewhat unlikely to name their child Adolf - eight percent, on the other hand, were considering it.

According to the survey, most Germans (84 percent) were satisfied with their first names. Men reported being a bit more satisfied with their first names than women (87 vs. 80 percent). Half of Germans (52 percent) also know the meaning of their first name.

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