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Tips for spring season: Here are the nicest bike routes in and around Bonn

Tips for spring season : Here are the nicest bike routes in and around Bonn

It's slowly getting warmer - and for many Bonn residents, that means getting on their bikes and exploring the city and the region. These bike routes along the Rhine, Sieg and in between are also something one can take advantage of during the lockdown.

Rhenish Apple Route

The Rhenish Apple Route leads once around Bonn through the largest fruit and vegetable growing area in North Rhine-Westphalia. The cycle route stretches along the left bank of the Rhine for a total of 124 kilometers. Passing orchards and fields of vegetables, the cycle path leads through Alfter, Bornheim and Swisttal, among other places, before turning back toward Bonn. One can plan out a customized route since there are many side roads/trails along the way. Especially in spring during the fruit blossom season and in autumn during the harvest, one can enjoy wonderful views.

Rhine Cycle Route

For all endurance cyclists who like to spend several days on the road, the Rhine Cycle Route offers the opportunity to explore Germany's longest river and its surroundings. In five stages, it leads from Bad Honnef to Emmerich on the Dutch border. For a day trip, the first stage of the route is ideal, passing the Drachenfels and the castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust in Brühl to Cologne.

Sieg Cycle Path

The Sieg Cycle Path follows the river of the same name from Windeck to the mouth of the Rhine in Bonn. Without major climbs and far away from road traffic, the 60-kilometer route can be easily mastered even with children. For a short half-day stage, the 14-kilometer route from Siegburg to Blankenberg is ideal. The entire route leads through green Sieg meadows, the river is almost always in sight and is not only an eye-catcher and photo motif, but also offers a wonderful resting place and adventure area.

Roman Bike Tour

People can also follow in the footsteps of the Romans by bike. On a circular route of about 15 kilometers, worked out by the city of Bonn, everything revolves around the city's history in Roman times. Old ovens, gravestones, church remains, cranes and monuments from a bygone era await bikers along the way.

Water Castle Route

Various sections of the Water Castle Route lead through the district on the left bank of the Rhine. The entire route, mostly separate from road traffic, connects a total of 120 castles and palaces between Bonn, Cologne and Aachen on a total distance of over 470 kilometers. The various stages of the journey can make the 8-day route a series of day trips.

"Witches' Ride" through the Voreifel region

The history of witch hunts in the region can be "experienced" on this 60-kilometer circular trail: it leads from Bonn via Alfter, Rheinbach and Swisttal. The starting and ending point is Bonn's Marktplatz. In the period between 1600 and 1650, witch trials took place in the Voreifel region between Bonn and Rheinbach - as they did elsewhere. The stops on the tour lead to various places that were linked to the witch hunts. One of the witch prisons can be visited on the tour in Rheinbach, the "Hexenturm" (during the lockdown at least from the outside).

Museum route

For the time after the lockdown: The museum route is worthwhile for a short cultural trip through Bonn. The route runs for about twelve kilometers along Bonn's museum landscape. The circular route starts and ends at the Markt and guides cyclists along the Museum Mile, among other places, where they can stop at the Haus der Geschichte, the Koenig Museum or the Bundeskunsthalle. This journey takes about one hour. Those interested can download a brochure from the city of Bonn.

This is a listing that does not claim to be complete. It is also not a ranking. The order is arbitrary. Is a route missing from the listing? Send us an e-mail to online@ga.de.

(Orig. text: Johanna Lübke, Jonas Dirker / Translation: ck)