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GA listing: Here are the prettiest beer gardens in Bonn and the region

GA listing : Here are the prettiest beer gardens in Bonn and the region

Beer gardens are a popular tradition in Germany. And now the gastronomy industry is gradually coming out of lockdown. Here, we introduce you to the prettiest places to have a beer under beautiful old trees in Bonn and the surrounding area.

Germany is known for its beer gardens, and there are plenty to visit right here in Bonn and the surrounding areas as the lockdown eases. The following list of the prettiest beer gardens in Bonn is subjective and not intended as a ranking.  At the time of the editorial deadline, it was unfortunately no possible to provide the most up-to-date opening hours for all of the establishments, but where possible they have been included. For those who want to visit a beer garden or other outdoor dining area, either a negative rapid test (within 48 hours) is needed, or visitors must be fully vaccinated or recovered. 

  • Bonn, Alter Zoll: For a good two decades, Sia Tabatabaie has been running the beer garden at Alter Zoll in Bonn's Stadtgarten (City garden), a stone's throw from the university's main building. The place is popular with students as an outdoor canteen, but also with tourists and day-trippers. During normal operations, a maximum of 500 guests can sit on the beer benches under the huge tree. Tabatabaie speaks for others in the restaurant industry when he talks about the enormous challenges: "To ramp up a beer garden operation like this without lead time is very difficult." If every guest has to present a negative rapid test, he says, "it will completely change the whole story." At the time of our conversation, Tabatabaie didn't yet know whether or not he would be able to set up his own testing station at his beer garden. "No matter what weather, I expect we will have a crowd," says the experienced restaurateur. How does he calculate what supplies are needed? "We figure two-thirds of supplies with half as many seats." In other words, only half as many visitors can probably be seated and served, but individual guests are likely to order more. After all, once they have a negative test in their pocket, they may drink more than just a pint of Kölsch or an espresso. Peters Kölsch and Krombacher Pils are both on tap at Alter Zoll. Alter Zoll, Brassertufer, 53111 Bonn
  • Bonn-Beuel, Rheinlust: A beer garden listing without the Beuel Rheinlust is just about unthinkable. Located on the riverbank promenade next to the Kennedy Bridge, this buzzing place where people like to meet up, stands out with its downright picturesque, cozy surroundings: situated between gracious old linden trees are both beer benches and beer tables, but also round wooden tables with wooden folding chairs (for a total of around 200 seats). In between them, owner Wilfried Dung and his team have placed wine barrels, large plant containers with oleander and olive trees. Lanterns and discreet fairy lights create an atmospheric ambience in the evening hours. Rheinlust, Rheinaustr. 134, 53225 Bonn-Beuel, Tel. (0228) 467091
  • Troisdorf, Zur Siegfähre: Idyllically located in the nature reserve on the banks of the Sieg River is the popular excursion destination Zur Siegfähre, a family business since 1978. Owner Alexander Adscheid and his crew can serve up to 300 guests on the terraces and in the beer garden. Gaffel Kölsch, Bitburger Pils and Erdinger wheat beer are on tap. This beer garden is especially suitable for families with children. Special feature: directly in front of the beer garden is the only ferry going across the Sieg, it is one of the oldest one-man yaw ferries in Germany. Zur Siegfähre, Zur Siegfähre 7, 53844 Troisdorf, www.siegfaehre.de, Tel. (0228) 475 547. Open Tue-Sat 9:30 am- 10:30 pm, Sun 9 am- 10 pm, closed on Mondays
  • Bonn, Schänzchen: Probably the most authentic (because it’s the most Bavarian) beer garden in Bonn is the Schänzchen, where the Rosental meets the Rhine promenade. Since 1990, proprietors Karin and Wolfgang Kaspar have been offering a beer garden experience that is as quaint as it is well-kept. Just like in Bavaria you’ll find white gravel, 200 seats under old chestnut trees, and self-service at the blue-painted wooden booth. One can order fresh Löwenbräu on tap, chicken, Nuremberg grilled sausages, white sausages, and pork knuckles. Schänzchen, Rosental/corner of Leinpfad, 53111 Bonn-Castell, Tel. (0228) 963 65 29
  •  Niederkassel-Mondorf, Schlimgen mittendrin: Klaus Hartfeld is the proprietor of Schlimgen mittendrin in Mondorf and he is well-prepared for the reopening. His beautiful beer garden with 214 seats under three old chestnut trees and four old linden trees was already well-visited on the first day after the long lockdown. Früh Kölsch and Krombacher Weizen are on tap there and for the hungry there is goulash with noodles, meatballs, fried sausages and curry sausages, all offered at the hut in the beer garden. "Our guests are sitting happily under the sun umbrellas and are enjoying themselves, even though it's still pretty chilly outside today," says Hartfeld. "And the whole team is happy, too, of course - maybe we'll have a chance to reopen completely soon." Schlimgen mittendrin, Provinzialstr. 8, 53859 Niederkassel-Mondorf 
  • Meckenheim, Kottenforst train station: The rustic forest restaurant in the Kottenforst train station, built in 1880 (with its three-story half-timbered building, by the way, a popular object for model train enthusiasts), also has a cozy beer garden under stately oak trees. A big plus for families is the attached children's playground. Cyclists, hikers, Nordic walkers and an increasing number of horseback riders like to stop at the Kottenforst station. Trains stop only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays -  every hour. Waldgaststätte Bahnhof Kottenforst, Bahnhof Kottenforst 8, 53340 Meckenheim, www.waldgaststätte-bahnhof-kottenforst.de, Tel. (0 22 25) 73 22. Open Tue-Sun from 11 am, closed on Mondays.  
  • Bonn-Beuel, Zum blauen Affen: Next to the Haus am Rhein in Beuel's Rheinaue, the beer garden Zum blauen Affen is located in the middle of the greenery. Benches and tables are arranged in a star shape around the central pavilion. With the Rhine in view, and an adventure playground for children, it's a great place to pass the time. As is the custom in Bavaria, you pick up your own drinks and food. Hofbräu Helles and Hofbräu Saisonbier as well as Sion Kölsch are on tap. Erdinger Pikantus and Erdinger Weizen non-alcoholic as well as Hofbräu wheat beers are served by the bottle. Zum Blauen Affen, Elsa-Brändström-Str. 74, 53227 Bonn-Beuel, www.haus-am-rhein.de, Tel. (0228) 465 307 
  • Hennef, Gasthaus Sieglinde: "We try to remember how it was (before the pandemic)- and want to pick up exactly where we left off," says Markus Rohloff, who has been running the Gasthaus Sieglinde directly on the Sieg since 1998 - including a wildly romantic beer garden with 180 seats. It has been open again since May 20 - with a reduced menu that includes schnitzel, salads and steaks from the lava stone grill. "A few touches are still missing, but they won't come until we're allowed to reopen fully," Rohloff says. On tap are Sion Kölsch, Bitburger Pils and as a specialty: Siegtaler Landbier. Sieglinde, Brückenweg 2, 53773 Hennef-Weingartsgasse, www.sieglinde-hennef.de, Tel. (022 42) 14 59. Open Mon-Sat from 11:30 am, Sun and public holidays from 10 am.

(Orig. text: Hagen Haas; Translation: ck)