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Two men seriously injured: Homicide squad investigates after brawl in Bonn

Two men seriously injured : Homicide squad investigates after brawl in Bonn

In a brawl among several people two men were seriously injured in the city centre of Bonn late on Saturday night. A murder squad is investigating.

After a brawl with about a dozen people involved, a homicide squad of the Bonn police is now investigating. Two men were so severely injured in the incidents on Rheingasse and Am Boeselagerhof during Saturday night that they must be treated in the intensive care unit of the hospital, with potentially life threatening injuries.

The condition of the two seriously injured is now stable, the public prosecutor's office told the GA on Monday afternoon when asked. On Sunday, the police had initially reported only one seriously injured 40-year-old man who had suffered stab wounds in the brawl. Later, however, it turned out that a 25-year-old was also injured so severely by violent impacts on his upper body that he had to be treated with intensive care medicine. Three other people were slightly injured.

According to the police, a fight broke out between about a dozen people on Rheingasse at about 3:15 a.m. The argument had shifted to the street Am Boeselagerhof. As confirmed by the public prosecutor's office, the dispute originated near a shisha bar. Some of the people involved in the dispute had previously been in the bar. The two groups, who know each other, met there according to the police. After a loud argument, one group left the Rheingasse in the direction of Am Boeselagerhof. The other group followed them. Then the brawl broke out, in which the men were seriously injured.

Main suspect brought before the magistrate

The alarmed policemen provisionally arrested the suspected principal offender, aged 29 years and two other 23-year-old men at Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz. They had tried to drive away in a car. According to the public prosecutor's office, the main perpetrator will now to be brought before a magistrate on charges of dangerous bodily harm. Investigations into the background and the course of the crime are continuing. Due to the overall circumstances, a homicide squad of the police has taken over the investigation. According to investigators, there is no connection to the incidents of the past weeks at the nearby Brassertufer. Original text: GA Bonn