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Divided opinion about container in Bonn: How people in Bonn are reacting to the new kiosk at Remigiusplatz

Divided opinion about container in Bonn : How people in Bonn are reacting to the new kiosk at Remigiusplatz

The new kiosk on Remigiusplatz in Bonn is already generating discussion before it even opens. Opinions on the container on the heavily frequented square in the city centre diverge widely.

It hasn’t even opened yet, but the new kiosk on Remigiusplatz has already achieved one thing: it has caused Bonn citizens to engage in lively discussions. And most of the time these also demonstrate their humour. Whether in debates on internet forums, or at the scene of the umbridge, many lively disagreements have occurred since the beige-coloured container was erected.

“A beautiful... box”, says one passer-by. She would have hoped for “more architectural sensitivity”, especially since the new container obscures historical and renovated facades in the background. However, due to its shiny surface, it's “not quite as bad as it seemed in the photos”, was a response elicited by another observer, who also had the impression that the new building is tilted. “Similar containers behind the stage meant that the concerts in the museum mile in the tent had to be stopped. But this possible in the city centre”, argues another on the internet. And another complains: “With all this grumbling and griping, Bonn has become a city of whingeing!”

The new kiosk, which also houses toilets and is part of the new Beethoven walking tour, also rocks the boat among the city functionaries. Maike Reinhardt, Managing Director of the City-Marketing association, for example, is positive: “When the construction work is completed, the glazing and light reflections should be allowed to have an effect”, she advises. She is convinced that “the kiosk is thus optically in tune with its surroundings.”

The retail association criticises the new kiosk at the Remigiusplatz in Bonn

Jannis Vassiliou, chairman of the German Retailers' Association, is rather critical of the new building – not least in view of the costs: "Surely this place deserved a more suitable design. This loveless construction might be functional, but it is not worthy of Remigiusplatz. It is important that no Ferris wheels or weekly or flower markets are hosted there in the future. Neither the design nor functionality of this very expensive investment fits in with this historic square, which apart from the kiosk, has become classic, says Vassiliou: "Its simplicity and clarity would correspond to the spirit of Beethoven.”

The city administration was not yet able to say on Tuesday who will run the kiosk and when it will finally open; however, this will be revealed in the next few days by the town hall. Meanwhile, however, the administration can answer a question that has also been repeatedly asked in connection with the new kiosk – namely, what happened to the historical horse trough that adorned the former flower market until about a year ago.

“The horse trough will be moved into the Brüdergasse”, refers Andrea Schulte to a corresponding resolution of the Bonn district authority one year ago. But first, the planned redesign of Brüdergasse is to be implemented, which will only be tackled after the Beethoven year 2020. It is not the first time that the horse trough has been moved: until 1968 it stood on the corner of Wittelsbacher Ring/Endenicher Straße and was then placed on Remigiusplatz in order to show it off to better advantage. This is a privilege that the new building on the square enjoys for the time being.

(Original text: Rüdiger Franz, translation John Chandler)