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No reduction in public transport: How the new coronavirus measures will affect Bonn

No reduction in public transport : How the new coronavirus measures will affect Bonn

It remains unclear as to which public institutions in Bonn will have to close in November due to the new corona measures which take effect Monday. But this is certain: The city council meeting will take place as usual, and buses and trains will run according to schedule.

With the announcement from the federal government that public life will be scaled back for the entire month of November, Bonn will feel the impact. Here are answers to the most important questions:

Will the lockdown lead to restrictions in local public transport?

Michael Henseler, spokesman for Stadtwerke Bus und Bahn (SWB), said: "We will run on the regular schedule until further notice.”

Will demonstrations still be allowed?

From now on, only members of one's own household plus a maximum of one other household are allowed to meet up in public, Hoffmann said. A maximum of ten people are allowed to gather in public spaces. Because the new regulations to curb the coronavirus will take effect on Monday, the City of Bonn expects more visitors this weekend. Because it is Halloween, the city's public order service will increase its staff for the weekend, said Kristina Buchmiller of the press office of the City of Bonn. Bonn police are also keeping an eye on social media. Spokesman Frank Piontek told the GA that they will monitor for any calls or offers to celebrate, so that they can react accordingly.

Which institutions will have to close in Bonn?

"We ask for your understanding that these questions cannot be answered at this point in time," says deputy city spokesman Marc Hoffmann. They have to wait for the state to issue regulations, the city administration expects that these will be available shortly. In the case of school sports or school swimming, for example, the directive does not contain any statement specifically addressing these issues, says the deputy spokesman. According to the announcement, schools and daycare centers are to remain open, while recreational sports can only be done individually and swimming pools are to be closed.

Will the city council meeting take place next week?

The city council meeting will take place on Thursday, November 5, starting at 6 p.m. in the Brückenforum, Hoffmann assures. It will be held in compliance with hygiene rules and social distancing.

(Orig. text: Philipp Königs;Translation: ck)