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Vehicle registration, TÜV and more: Important changes for consumers in October

Vehicle registration, TÜV and more : Important changes for consumers in October

Finally register your car online? This will be possible from now on. But you can save annoying waiting times only to a limited extent. But at the end of the month there will be one hour more sleep with the beginning of the winter season.

Register your car: The „Kfz“ registration in the online systems

Car owners can now register their car for the first time or transfer it to a new owner online. The third stage of Internet-based vehicle registration, known as i-Kfz, begins on 1 October. However, this new registration process is not as simple as it sounds. What you need and how it works is described using the example of the first registration of a new vehicle:

First of all, an identity card with an online function is required for identification, as well as a reader or a smartphone with an NFC chip for wireless data transmission. In the online portal of the responsible authority, you identify yourself with the ID card with PIN and card reader, or via smartphone and the ID card app 2.

The security code must then be released from the registration certificate Part II (vehicle registration document). All necessary data such as vehicle identification number (FIN), security code, date of main inspection (HU), eVB number of the insurance company (electronic insurance confirmation) and IBAN of the holder are now entered into the order form in the portal. Now you can select a free license plate, or enter a reserved license plate or desired license plate.

The data is automatically checked by the system and then you pay. The application is then checked by a clerk. The letter of admission, the registration certificate part I and II as well as the stickers for the license plates are then sent by post. The driver has only limited time savings, because it can take two to three days until the mail arrives with letter and inspection seal. But the waiting time in the authority rooms is avoided.

On the Internet, the Ministry of Transport explains the requirements, the required documents and data as well as the online application procedure for decommissioning, re-registration, a change of owner and the first registration of a car. Before 1 October, it was only possible on the Internet to deregister a car or to apply for re-registration in the same registration district. If you do not want to register your car digitally, you can of course continue to register it on site at the responsible authority.

ADAC: New motor vehicle policies also for non-members

The ADAC will start with new car policies on 1 October, as the Autoclub announced on Thursday. The goal: to become number one among the 20 million ADAC members, said Marion Ebentheuer, head of ADAC Versicherung AG. The ADAC policies will also be sold to non-members. Every year in autumn, drivers change their car insurance in search of a cheaper tariff.

So far, the vast majority of ADAC members are not insured with Autoclub. At the end of 2018, the ADAC had sold around 650,000 contracts in cooperation with its former partner Zurich. The ADAC policies were developed by Allianz and the services offered are similar, but not identical, according to both companies.

Time change: One hour more thanks to winter time

At least once more the clocks are changed from summer time to winter time. In the night from 26 to 27 October, 3 a.m. becomes 2 a.m. - and everyone may spend one hour more in bed. Accordingly, the sun is already leaning towards the horizon one hour before usual time. It remains to be seen how often the half-yearly change will take place - the EU has been discussing this for quite some time.

New nursing MOT starts: Homes to be re-examined

Starting next year, people in need of long-term care and their relatives will receive meaningful information about the quality of the 13,000 homes. This will help in the selection of an institution. On October 1, the collection of corresponding data for a new quality check began, according to the central association of statutory health insurance funds in Berlin. After years of criticism, the old nursing TÜV will be gradually replaced. So far, the homes have received top marks in many cases, which were hardly meaningful.

The homes themselves will now provide data on ten topics - such as how well they maintain the mobility of residents, how independently they can still look after personal hygiene and other things, or how often pressure ulcers develop. This is to be measured for each resident every six months and reported to a data centre. Every 14 months, auditors from statutory and private health insurance companies will also check the quality of the individual homes on 24 aspects and evaluate the consistency of the data collected.

As before, the results will be published on the Internet. For each of the individual assessment points, the aim is to show where a home has quality deficits or where it is compared to the average. By the end of 2020, all homes are to be tested according to the new procedure.

New series at Netflix, Amazon and Co.

A new month also brings new material for serial junkies. Whether the latest season of "Riverdale" at Netflix, "Goliath" at Amazon Prime Video or "The Walking Dead" at Sky - those show highlights should be able to survive a few grey autumn days.

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