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Clemens-August-Strasse in Poppelsdorf: Indian snack bar on the bridge to reopen in new container

Clemens-August-Strasse in Poppelsdorf : Indian snack bar on the bridge to reopen in new container

For a long time now, the Indian snack bar on the autobahn bridge on Clemens-August-Strasse has stood empty. Authorities came by earlier this year and closed it. But now there are new plans.

For some time now, tea and above all spicy curries have not been available for customers: The Indian Teahouse on the autobahn bridge on Clemens-August-Strasse has been closed. The place is empty and not looking particularly attractive. Next to it, the Tibetan food stand is more crowded than ever, and the third container continues to serve Dutch fries and other specialities.

Again and again there were discussions at local level as to whether the stands were the best thing to have there, and these have persisted to this day. According to Andrea Schulte from the city's press office, they are privately run snack containers: "So the rental does not run through the city administration, but the respective private owner." Bonn's citizen services issue the annual special use permits, "since the containers are located in the area of public traffic," says Schulte.

According to her, the Indian food container is "closed due to planned renovations." Some interested parties have come by, asking next door at Juut Food if the location could be rented, as Lenka Rink puts it. She and her husband Frank also run Kugelfisch and Gesindehaus in Poppelsdorf, among other places.

"I wanted to buy the container myself," says Frank Rink. But a new project there is unlikely to materialize. Prem Kapoor and his wife Irini Koutziari from Taste of India in Bonn opened their first Indian snack bar on the site in 2004. They then sublet it for a few years. But it was too much, recalls Kapoor, who, in addition to two restaurants, runs a stand at the Marktplatz and provides free food for the homeless at the bus station on Sundays. In Poppelsdorf, he says, the health department came by earlier this year and closed the container. Kapoor has kept the rental space and now wants to run it himself again. "I have ordered a new container for 30,000 euros. It should come at the end of this month," he says. Then he wants to open again soon.

Temporary move during planned bridge renovation

One change will affect all three snack bar operators in the interim. They just received a letter from the city administration advising them of the planned refurbishment of the bridge over the autobahn. According to the city, the Autobahn GmbH of the federal government expects to do that in 2023. "For this, the containers will probably have to be removed for three months," Schulte said. As it stands now, however, they will be allowed to return to their regular spot afterward. Operators of the stands hope they can set up somewhere nearby during the construction period, the Rinks said.

(Orig. text: Richard Bongarz; Translation: ck)