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Forest in Dottendorf: Jogger attacked with knife in Bonn forest

Forest in Dottendorf : Jogger attacked with knife in Bonn forest

A jogger was attacked by a person wielding a knife on Tuesday evening in a stretch of Bonn-Dottendorf forest. The jogger suffered minor injuries. Police are searching for the perpetrator and are asking the public for help.

Bonn police have started an investigation into the assault that took place in Bonn-Dottendorf on late Tuesday evening. According to investigators, a 25-year-old jogger reported that he had been attacked at around 9:50 pm by a person he could not identify.

According to the report, the jogger was running in a stretch of forest near the Eulenweg when he was suddenly attacked by the assailant, first with pepper spray, then with a knife, leaving him slightly injured. According to current information, the victim suffered two superficial cuts and respiratory problems, but was able to ward off the attack of the masked stranger before worse happened. The unidentified attacker then escaped in the direction of Friesdorf. An ambulance took the injured man to a hospital.

Since an immediate search did not lead to the arrest of the assailant, the police are now asking for help from the public. The suspect is described as approximately 1.75 to 1.80 meters tall and has a sturdy build. At the time of the crime he wore a black balaclava, a black leather jacket, black latex gloves, dark jeans and black shoes.

Anyone who can provide information about the identity of the suspect is asked to contact the investigators at 0228/150.

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