Walkers rescue baby cat dropped by bird Kitten falls out of the sky

In the cemetery forest in the district of Euskirchen, walkers found a small male cat that fell from the sky from the claws of a bird of prey. What happened afterwards and how the kitten is doing today.

 Lucky-Fly - that's how animal welfare activists named a kitten that fell from the sky in Euskirchen. Photo: Tierschutz Euskirchen

Lucky-Fly - that's how animal welfare activists named a kitten that fell from the sky in Euskirchen. Photo: Tierschutz Euskirchen

Foto: Tierschutz Euskirchen

Last Sunday, a small tomcat fell from the sky in the cemetery forest near Iversheim in the district of Euskirchen. A bird of prey had carried the kitten into the air and then dropped it into a bush, as reported by Tierschutz Euskirchen on its Facebook page.

Brigitte Harnack, a volunteer at the Euskirchen Animal Protection, took the kitten in the first night after the finders had brought it to her in the evening. A cat that falls from the sky. Even the animal welfare organisation doesn't experience that every day.

Walkers had been out in the cemetery forest on Sunday evening when they observed a bird of prey in the air with a ball of fur in its claws. A short time later, the bird of prey loosened its grip and the kitten fell from a height into a bush, where it initially remained. The passers-by ran to the bush, freed the animal and initially took the little cat home.

Neighbours of the finders made contact with the animal welfare worker so that the walkers were able to bring the little animal to Harnackk wrapped in a jacket the same evening. "I kept feeding the little cat with the bottle. Fortunately, he also accepted it," reports the volunteer of the animal welfare association. He made a healthy impression.

The next morning, she took the animal to Retscheider Hof, a wild animal sanctuary in Bad Honnef. "They know more about wild cats than I do," said Ms Harnack, explaining her decision. It is not unusual that a wildcat was found in the cemetery forest. There are some free-living cats in this forest, says Harnack.

At the Retscheid farm, the wild kitten is currently being bottle-fed, reports an employee of the wildlife station. The little male cat is doing well, he is only a few weeks old. However, it is difficult to estimate the age of wild cats.

It is not known whether the cat lost one of its proverbial seven lives in the fall from a lofty height. But the cat at least seems to have been very lucky on his dangerous excursion. The name given to him by the animal welfare activists also fits this: "Lucky-Fly" was the name given to the little four-legged friend.

(Original text: Katja Fillmann; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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