At underground station Man damages rail tracks in Bonn’s Rheinaue

Bonn · On Thursday, a 56-year-old man damaged rail tracks at the underground station in Bonn's Rheinaue. The police were notified by a train conductor and the man was taken into preliminary custody.

 The “Rheinaue” stop on the south bridge.

The “Rheinaue” stop on the south bridge.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Bonn police apprehended a 56-year-old man late Thursday morning at the Rheinaue underground station. He is accused of tampering with the rail tracks. According to investigators, a train conductor who was on his way to Bonn on the south bridge had noticed that a man was on the tracks at around 11:05 a.m. Before the train entered the station, the 56-year-old left the tracks.

The train conductor noticed that, among other things, the man had tampered with a lighting system. He notified police and the control center of the Stadtwerke Bonn (municipal utilities and transport authority). Police officers were able to find the suspect at the stop and take him into temporary custody. He was already known to police for previous violent crimes and property offenses.

According to initial findings, the 56-year-old had damaged not only the lighting equipment but also cables in the track area. The man, who does not have a permanent residence in Germany, is now awaiting criminal proceedings on suspicion of damage to property and dangerous interference with rail traffic.

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