At the Beuel Comprehensive School More space for role-playing at the FeenCon

Luck of the dice is part of role-playing, and that's what the FeenCon on 17 and 18 June at the IGS in Beuel is all about. In addition to role-playing rounds, a medieval market and traders' stalls, there will also be many author readings in the open air. Lessons have been learned from the mistakes of the first edition.

At the Beuel Comprehensive School: More space for role-playing at the FeenCon
Foto: Stefan Knopp

The organisers of FeenCon have said goodbye to small and cosy. Back then, the role-playing convention in Bad Godesberg's Stadthalle - now closed due to the danger of collapse - was still a cosy event in a small space, but by 2022 the Guild of Fantasy Role-Players (GFR) could access more space around the Integrated Comprehensive School and in the gymnasiums. And this year the convention will be even bigger, because now visitors will also be allowed into the school building.

From 17 to 18 June, if you arrive early enough and have the stamina, you can indulge in the hobby of role-playing non-stop from 10 am on Saturday to 6 pm on Sunday. That means there are many tables available where you can immerse yourself in fantastic, spooky or futuristic worlds and experience adventures in them. Or you can play tabletop, i.e. fight with figures for supremacy on a playing field. You can also take part in a live role-playing event yourself, compete in tournaments with the jugglers, spend time at the stalls of the medieval market - no one is bound to get bored there.

First event was a trial run

The first event at the IGS was a trial run for the organisers and the city. Conclusion: "It went well last year," says Markus Pomorin, first chairman of the GFR. "We got so much encouragement after the last FeenCon, which got off to such a good start." The concept has been convincing on the whole, and now role-players are allowed into 26 classrooms in one wing of the building, and there will also be stalls in the foyer as well as a stage programme with a costume competition, discussion rounds, performances, live circuits and more. Young game developers and authors will also present themselves at an awards ceremony to encourage creative minds. As usual, there will be stalls by publishers and other theme-related vendors in the gymnasiums, readings partly in tents, demonstrations, the indispensable Saturday night show and Lehmann's as caterer again.

Learning from mistakes

Lessons have also been learned from mistakes made at the last con. The caterer was hard to find last time, as were some of the readings. "We're doing better signage this year," says Pomorin. The long waits at the "cup without a bottom", which allows you to consume as much coffee as you want for free on both days, are also to be shortened with a larger pre-made contingent.

Sleeping overnight in the school building is not allowed. But tent sites will be marked out again, and there will also be a "night game area" where people can gamble through the night. Security guards will be on duty. The outdoor area is freely accessible. The event is broadening its scope. That means everything will be bigger, the range of games will be broader - there will be a board game rental, more tabletop and more. This should also attract young people. IGS pupils will again be allowed in for free. "We have to keep up with the times and get young people on board," explains Pomorin. GFR also does this outside its cons: for example, it works with youth centres in Bonn and Duisburg and offers role-playing sessions for children.

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Original text: Stefan Knopp

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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