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Euskirchen: Mystery of well-preserved cemetery corpse solved

Euskirchen : Mystery of well-preserved cemetery corpse solved

At a cemetery in Euskirchen-Mechernich, employees had found a body that raised questions. Now investigators have found clues to an earlier grave.

A cemetery is usually not an unusual place to find a body. But a body found in a cemetery in Mechernich last Tuesday had raised questions because the dead man was found in a relatively good state of preservation in a section of the cemetery that had been leveled ten years ago. Therefore, the public prosecutor's office in Bonn and the Euskirchen police investigated.

The body was seized and a forensic medical report was commissioned by the Bonn public prosecutor's office. This was to determine whether a criminal act may have been committed. During the examination, however, no indications of a violent act were found, as the Euskirchen police announced on Monday. In the presence of the police, further excavations were also carried out. Thereby, further findings came to light, which, according to the authority, suggest a wooden coffin with zinc inlay.

This find fits to discoveries of the police, according to which in March 1974 a man from the area Mechernich was transferred after a traffic accident in Belgium in a zinc coffin. The zinc coffin had also been embedded in a wooden coffin before it was buried in the ground. This explains the condition of the corpse, the police said. For them the indications that no criminal offence is present thereby intensify. The police had initiated a so-called death investigation after the body surprisingly came to light when a new grave was dug on the area. The area is intended since 2019 for burials according to Muslim rite.

(Original text: Andreas Dyck; Translation: Mareike Graepel)