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Restaurants, cinemas and fitness studios to close again: New Corona rules starting November 2

Restaurants, cinemas and fitness studios to close again : New Corona rules starting November 2

Strict contact restrictions will be in place, cultural venues to be closed, also restaurants and leisure sports facilities - Corona will severely restrict life in Germany once again from November 2 onwards. Here are the new rules at a glance.

Stricter restrictions throughout November are intended to break the new wave of rising corona infections before Christmas. The most drastic change: In public, members of two households only will be allowed to meet - but with a maximum of ten people in total. Larger families living in one household will now be included in this limit. This is new - especially for the citizens of NRW. To summarise:

Personal contacts

Members of two households only are allowed to meet in public - a maximum of ten people.


Restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and pubs will be closed. Delivery and collection of food for consumption at home will still be permitted. Canteens are also allowed to stay open.


Leisure facilities will be closed. These include theatres, operas, concert halls, trade fairs, cinemas, leisure parks and amusement arcades.


Fitness studios, swimming pools and fun pools will be closed. Amateur sports operations will be discontinued, so clubs will no longer be allowed to train. Individual sports, such as jogging alone, are still permitted. Professional sports such as the German Football League are permitted but only without spectators.


Cosmetic studios, massage parlours and tattoo studios will be closed because the minimum distance cannot be maintained here. Medically necessary treatments, for example with a physiotherapist, are still permitted. Hairdressers will also remain open.

Retail trade

Wholesale and retail trade are to remain open - but no more than one customer per ten square metres is allowed in the shops.

Schools and kindergartens

Schools and kindergartens are to remain open.

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Translation: Mareike Graepel