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„Gleis 8“: New nightclub opens in Bonn city centre

„Gleis 8“ : New nightclub opens in Bonn city centre

The Bonn club scene is one venue richer: In the former Sofa club on Maximilianstrasse, the operators of Carpe Noctem have created Gleis 8. It is intended to be a new venue for niche events.

The Sofa at the main station is history, long live Gleis 8: This place is intended to create a new venue for niche events. This is the concept of the new operators on Maximilianstrasse.

Sanela Hadzic (35), Willi Schulz (47) and Martin Kläser (32) from Carpe Noctem did not have to change much of the old restaurant, as it was in good condition. "Fortunately, nothing had to be done about the technology either," says Schulz. The focus was much more on the design, says Hadizic.

"The style in the club was to be retained, so we adapted and refined the elements of steampunk," she says. Artist Manfred Dimon, who was also responsible for the backdrops at Phantasialand and "Babylon Berlin", was involved in the design. A room was transformed into a carriage with seating compartments. The previous owner Guido Hupfer (50) and the three new owners already knew each other from the Carpe Noctem. "Guido installed the system for us back then," says Schulz. Hupfer himself could only rarely be in the Sofa and had therefore decided to sell the club. "I didn't have the time anymore to take care of the Sofa because of my technical company," says Hupfer.

"We didn't think long and accepted directly. It's a nice club, and we've made it even more beautiful now," says Schulz. "Besides, the Carpe Noctem is in the immediate vicinity, which guarantees good organization," says Hadzic.

The initial plan is to run for three years. Gleis 8, for example, will primarily address niche events, as Hadzic explains: "We want to give the subcultures in Bonn the chance to celebrate parties," she says. There will be Latin, rock and hip hop parties. Also a - in Bonn so urgently needed -electronic party is planned for the first and last Saturday of the month. Here the operators want to try something new: "We want to design electronic parties completely in the style of a festival and thus give the visitor a new party feeling with suitable decoration," says Hadzic.

"So anyone who has great events is welcome to contact us," says Hadzic. That also means concerts. Culture should be given a platform. There should also be student parties. Thus the Fachschaften Geodesy and Medicine celebrate their semester opening in Gleis 8.

The name of the club is derived from its proximity to the main railway station and from house number 8. It is always open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 6 am.

Original text: Niklas Schröder

Translation: Mareike Graepel