GA English on Sunday News in Brief for the Weekend

A Kebab chain has had to change its name and logo because it sounds too much like a Netflix series; there will be quite a few helicopters in the skies over Bonn for the next few weeks; there’s hiking and wine in the Ahr Valley; there are concerts, readings and more at the Oberkassel culture days; and Beuel Telekom users are still experiencing problems with both their landlines and internet. Here’s our news in brief for the weekend.

GA English on Sunday: News in Brief for the Weekend
Foto: Petra Reuter

Dispute with Netflix – Name change for Haus des Döners

Bonn. The snack bar chain "Haus des Döners" has to change its name and logo after a legal dispute. The company also operates two branches in Bonn.

The "Haus des Döners" kebab chain has to change its name following a legal dispute. The company made it into the headlines because the streaming service Netflix had filed a lawsuit. It claimed that the name was too similar to the Netflix series " Haus des Geldes" (the German title of "Money Heist"). Not only does the name of the snack chain resemble the title of the Netflix series, but also the logo,Netflix claims. It shows a mask in the style of Salvador Dalí, framed by a red hood.

As a result, the streaming service lodged an appeal with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The kebab chain had previously registered the name "Haus des Döners" as a trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office. According to the "Express", the two parties were able to reach an out-of-court settlement. The kebab chain is now calling itself "Das Haus des Döners".

In addition, instead there is now a red kebab skewer in the middle of the logo instead of a mask and a red hood. The logo has already been updated on the website of the franchise company. as have also the location and the advertising of the kebab chain in the Rhein-Energie-Stadion. The Bonn branch on Friedensplatz still bore the previous name and logo unchanged on Friday. Another branch is located in Bad Godesberg. The company has not yet responded to an enquiry.

(Original text: Judith Lea Reuber, Translation: Jean Lennox)

Helicopters across the sky in Bonn

There will be plenty of helicopters in the evening skies over Bonn as well as in the Rhein-Sieg district, the northern Eifel and the Westerwald. These are training flights by the Federal Police, as their Flying Squadron based in Sankt Augustin announced. The flights will be happening from Monday, 25 September, to Tuesday, 17 November. They are part of the basic training of the pilot school and are help prepare the pilots for night-time helicopter operations. This could be searching for missing persons, tracing and pursuing criminals, or assisting in the event of catastrophes.

The training flights will always take place at dusk, so between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. an increased volume of flights is to be expected, and it could be noisy. the Federal Police said. There will be no training flights after 10 p.m. or from Friday to Sunday.


"Wine Autumn Central Ahr Valley" replaces "Hiking for Reconstruction"

For the third time, the tourist offices of Dernau, Rech, Mayschoß and Altenahr, together with the association Zukunft Mittelahr, are inviting visitors to the Rotweinwanderweg ("Red Wine Hiking Trail") and to the villages of the Central Ahr Valley - this time under the new name "Weinherbst Mittelahr". This replaces the former "Wandern für den Wiederaufbau" (hiking for reconstruction) and suggests that this has grown into a long-term project that looks successfully into the future.

From Saturday, 23 September, to Sunday, 22 October, the Mittelahr Wine Autumn offers "wine, enjoyment and joie de vivre" on all weekends and holidays along the Red Wine Trail from Marienthal to Altenahr. Framed by the nationally known wine festivals, the winegrowers served white wines, Federweißer (fermented freshly pressed grape juice, or must) as well as (red) and Frühburgunder and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) together with "small snacks and other delicacies".

The energy supplier Westenergie is once again supporting the event. "Westenergie, as well as its subsidiary Westnetz, are long-standing, reliable partners. We are pleased that we are working together again on this event and that Westenergie is supporting us and the local tourist associations in its implementation," says Sebastian Sonntag, board member at Zukunft Mittelahr.

The walking maps for the event are available on the internet. "This time, too, we have marked out a family-friendly route from Dernau via Rech to Mayschoß, so that even the youngest ones can spend pleasant hours in the Ahr valley together with their families," the organisers promise.

16th Oberkassel Culture Days have started

Mayor Katja Dörner believes that the 16th Oberkasseler Kulturtage will enrich life in the district. "Many local businesses have agreed to allow artists to have small exhibitions in their business premises, so that Oberkassel is transformed into one big art mile," says the patron of the event series, which is still free of charge. "The events in the courtyards and gardens of private houses also have a very special flair."

From the programme: Concerts, readings and cabaret

Sunday, 24 September

3.30 p.m.: Concert, rhein weiblich, a cappella singing of the (all) female kind, Arboretum Park Härle, Büchelstr. 40

Monday, 25 September

7:30 p.m.: Konrad Beikircher, Das Rheinische Universum - Bilanz aus 57 Jahren Leben im rheinischen Universum, (The Universe of the Rhine Region – bilance after 57 years living in the Rhine Universe) Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium in the dining room, Königswinterer Str. 534

The official opening was on Friday evening in the parish hall of the Protestant church community in Kinkelstraße: There, Mayor Ursula Sautter said: "It's wonderful that you have all come in such large numbers." Exciting events were taking place in all corners of the district, she said. Sautter praised the voluntary commitment that underpins the series of events. The community spirit in Oberkassel was particularly noticeable and "a really great thing".

Until 1 October, there will be events at a total of 80 venues on the Art Mile. Encounters, concerts, readings, workshops and exhibitions will help to enrich cultural life in Oberkassel. All events are free of charge. "You are welcome to support the Culture Days with a monetary donation," inform the organisers. "We are particularly grateful for this this year because the City of Bonn's support for the Oberkassel Culture Days has come to an end and we are dependent on other sources to continue the event as before."

At the opening event, the Gay and Lesbian Choir Cologne invited guests to the sing-along concert "VocalJam". Choirmaster Jürgen Terhag turned the almost 100 people in the hall into a large choir that intoned a wonderful canon after just a few minutes. "We don't sing according to sheet music," said the inspiring music teacher. "If you have two ears, you don't need scores." He added that everyone can simply sing as he or she pleases. "That also fits wonderfully with a queer choir, that we don't divide schematically by gender and voice, which is usually the case."

(Original text: Sascha Stienen, Translation: Jean Lennox)

Telecom customers have been reporting problems since Thursday evening

Since Thursday evening, Telekom customers in parts of Beuel have had to deal with considerable problems with their landline and internet. The disruption will continue for several days, the company announced on Friday in response to a GA enquiry. The cause of the landline disruption is a short circuit in a distribution box that supplies the network, which led to a fire. The affected distribution box supplies customers in Ramersdorf and in the outskirts of Beuel.

The fire was extinguished by the fire brigade. Telekom technicians are on site and are working to repair the damage. It was initially hoped that the problem could be solved by Friday evening, provided that only individual components in the distribution box were affected.

However, this is not the case. Since the damage is more extensive, "the repair of the distribution box will continue beyond the weekend", Telekom announced. It is unclear how many households are affected by the fault.

(Original text: Alexander Hertel, Translation: Jean Lennox)

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