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Bonn and the Region · The 27tn Bonn Pottery Market opened yesterday and today, you still have a chance to stroll around or even try out pottery themself.

Potters showcase the diversity of their work on Münsterplatz this weekend.

Potters showcase the diversity of their work on Münsterplatz this weekend.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Unusual shapes and techniques at the 27th Bonn Pottery Market

The potters are back on Münsterplatz to showcase the diversity of their work. And when all the stalls are dismantled, they will be leaving their mark in the form of a large Beethoven mosaic. Created for the 25th anniversary of the Bonn Pottery Market two years ago, it will be hanging on the quay wall of the Hotel Dreesen.

Before that, 40 ceramic artists are looking forward to welcoming many visitors this Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. They are offering porcelain, decorated stoneware tableware, vessels in all shapes and colours, art ceramics, accessories for the home and garden, indoor fountains, sculptures, and much more.

Visitors can enjoy the shapes and colours as they stroll around. Some can also try their hand at pottery in the activity tent. "This year's list of exhibitors includes more than ten new ceramists," says Barbara Jahn, spokesperson for the Ceramics Guild. For example, ceramic artist Atsushi Kitahara wants people to consciously enjoy what they eat and drink, helped by the special tactile qualities of his crockery. Or ther are Aleksander and Galina Barabanov from Kyiv, who feature experimental shapes and techniques. And Isabella Bilstein from Cologne produces high-quality turned and built-up stoneware ceramics, working in a sculptural and plastic manner. More at

Abusive Customers Force Post Office in Königswinter to Close

The post office in Königswinter's old town is closing down. The reason for this is clearly stated on a posted notice: "Due to insults, threats, harassment, trespassing and constant confrontations at the DHL counter by some customers, we have terminated our contract with the post office as of 30 November." The computer and IT company "Com-mo", in whose premises at Hauptstraße 413 the branch is located, will remain open beyond that date.

"Enough is enough; at some point my nerves get frayed," says employee Thomas Müller, who has faced poor customer behaviour at the post office counter for months. He says most incidents occur when parcels are collected. "A large number of customers don't understand, for example, that you have to show an official ID, which also has to match the addressee on the parcel." Or customers are unable to present the required authorisation to collect a "third-party" parcel. Or there is trouble because of the postage. Constant discussions about the "why and wherefore" quickly turn into verbal insults, which sometimes even end in threats and aggressive behaviour. "There is simply a lack of respect for me as a person," says Müller. "It’s not even me who makes the rules. I only act as a mediator."

There have already been charges of threatening behaviour filed

Müller has already filed two complaints with the police for insults, threats and trespassing. His boss has also banned people from the premises. But this doesn’t always work. The last time Müller was called a nasty name, he decided: "That's enough. We're closing the branch." Especially as there had been no support from Deutsche Post, which had been informed of the incidents by telephone. "We are allowed to ban people from the premises or refuse service, but we would actually need a security service in the branch," says Müller. For shop owner Emrah Emet, closing down was ultimately the only viable option, even though he and his staff are very sorry for the peaceful customers – many of whom are elderly.

There had already been problems with customers at the post office a few years ago. Ivonne Boller, who ran the branch in her fashion store at Hauptstraße 381 until the end of 2020, also told the General-Anzeiger at the time about a lack of appreciation and annoyance with customers.

Original text: Gabriela QuargTranslation: Jean Lennox

Suspected IS supporter lived in Bad Godesberg

Bad Godesberg - The suspected terrorist supporter arrested at Cologne/Bonn Airport on Friday wanted to gain accreditation as a steward at the European Football Championships. Further details about the 23-year-old have also come to light.

According to the General-Anzeiger newspaper, 23-year-old Soufian T, who according to a press release from the Federal Public Prosecutor General (GBA) has German-Moroccan-Polish citizenship, was living in Bad Godesberg before his arrest. He is said to have been active on various social media platforms, including TikTok. GBA press spokeswoman Ines Peterson did not want to comment on this when asked and referred to the press release from the federal prosecutor's office. The NRW Ministry of the Interior and the Bonn police also kept a low profile and referred to the JCC, which is conducting the investigation.

According to the press release, the accused "identifies with the ideology of the foreign terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS)." He is being accused of using a cryptocurrency exchange in September to transfer almost 1,700 US dollars to an account belonging to the terrorist organisation Islamic State Province of Khorasan (ISPK), which is active in Afghanistan and other countries. This is a sub-IS organisation. Khorasan is a historical region in Central Asia in the territory of the present-day states of Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

(Translation: Jean Lennox)